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The CMS Nursing Home Compare Tool allows you to see how a facility ranked in terms of staffing, health inspections, etc. and will tell you whether they earned a below rating or even an average rating for each category assessed.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website is a great source for learning about the quality of care that is offered in nursing homes in Louisville, KY and other cities across the U.S. The site even has a Nursing Home Compare tool that allows individuals to compare nursing homes and how they rank so that they can make an informed decision when it comes time to move a loved one of theirs into a facility. Aside from information CMS collects from its health inspection database, the nursing home compare tool also uses information from a national database of resident clinical data along with Medicare claims data.

When searching for a skilled nursing facility in Kentucky to see how it was rated or how it compares to others that you might be interested in, consider using the star rating system CMS uses. CMS rates a home between one and five stars “to measure the quality of a nursing home” and provides a rating for each of the following categories:


  • Health inspections
  • Staffing
  • Quality of resident care measures
  • Overall Rating


When a nursing home receives more stars, it indicates that the facility is providing a higher quality of care to its residents. In order to check if a nursing home received a rating of below average, you would look to see if it received two stars in any one category. A facility can also receive a rating of much below average if CMS only gives the facility one star. In order for a facility to be considered average, they must receive three stars and to be considered above average, they would need four stars. Any facility that earns five stars is said to be much above average.

Now, keep in mind the different categories that CMS rates. Just because a facility earns an above average rating in staffing doesn’t mean they will receive the same rating for health inspections. The ratings do fluctuate which is why it is important to review each of the categories and read the reports CMS provides. This will give you some insight into why a facility has been rated in the manner that it has.


Are the CMS’s star ratings the only way to determine if a nursing home would be a good fit for my loved one?


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When searching for a nursing home for a loved one, don’t rely on one source to serve as your determining factor. Instead, use multiple so that you place your relative in the best nursing home possible.

The CMS does not recommend that you rely solely on the star ratings they provide for the nursing homes they inspect and assess. In fact, the CMS suggests you use the star ratings along with their guide to choosing a nursing home when looking for a place to relocate a loved one. Aside from that, the CMS also encourages families to visit nursing homes and take tours so that they can visibly see the conditions the residents there are subjected to living under and what the average day there would be like if their loved one were to move into it.


What if I moved a loved one into a nursing home and they became the victim of abuse?


Unfortunately, nursing home abuse and neglect occurs frequently in homes located all across the U.S. If you believe your aging relative was mistreated during their stay in a skilled nursing facility in Louisville, KY and you need a legal professional to provide you with some advice on how to address the issue, contact today. We can place you in touch with some of the best KY nursing home abuse law firms located in Louisville that will provide you with all the information you are seeking.