There are multiple ways you can check to see how a nursing home in Miami ranked during inspection which can help you make an informed decision as to where you may want to place your elderly loved one who may need around the clock care and supervision. The reality is, choosing a nursing home is a big decision and one you will want to make after some consideration and deliberation. And rather than rely on your visit to the facility or on a referral from a friend or coworker, it is best you do some research on your own to be sure you choose the best facility that is going to treat your loved one with the respect they deserve.

Therefore, you are encouraged to take advantage of the tools shared below that can be used to help you determine which facilities are high ranking and which you may want to avoid.


  1. You can check how a nursing home ranked during inspections by using the search tool the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (FAHCA) provides. You can customize your search by selecting the city you are interested in and can even select various nursing homes to compare to one another. Once you choose a nursing home you are considering, you will be able to view how many stars they received during their inspection for each of the components that were checked. For instance, you can see how a nursing home ranked in terms of quality of life, administration, nutrition & hydration, and even if the home has been found to be using restraints and if abuse has been reported.


Each facility is ranked using a five-star scale and the FAHCA explains what the rating scale means starting with zero stars, which is the lowest score, and going all the way up to five stars, which is the highest rating a home can receive per category. Each of the performance measures (stars) represents how a nursing home ranked within its geographical region, not how it ranked compared to other facilities in other states.


  1. Aside from assessing a nursing home on how they were rated during inspections, it would also be beneficial for you to check whether the facility has been placed on the Nursing Home Watch List. The watch list “identifies nursing homes that are operating under bankruptcy protection or met the criteria for a conditional status during the past 30 months.” To be clear the “conditional status indicates that a facility did not meet, or correct upon follow-up, minimum standards at the time of inspection.”


  1. Another way to check how a nursing home ranked during inspection is by using Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare tool. This tool can be used to find nursing homes based on the location of your choice and allows you to compare the quality of care they provide along with how their quality of staff ranked.


Identifying potential nursing homes for your loved one is the first step in the process of choosing where you want them to live. Once you are able to narrow your selection down to two or three, then you can begin using the resources above to compare them and weed out those that may not be providing the quality service and care you would like for your relative. The truth is, there are many nursing homes out there that provide quality care and treat their residents in the proper manner, however, there are also facilities with staff who abuse and neglect their residents. Therefore, it is vital you take all the necessary steps to be sure you don’t place your loved one in a harmful or hazardous environment.

Aside from using the tools above, you can also contact one of our Miami, FL nursing home abuse attorneys as they can provide you with some tips on how to choose the right nursing home and can even recommend a few as they are familiar with which ones are following state regulations and which ones are not. So, if you would like to be connected with a nursing home abuse lawyer now to learn more about choosing the best nursing home for your loved one, contact as soon as possible.