Sometimes nursing home staff members can be extremely unprofessional, and stories of their misconduct are caught and shared to put others on notice about the conditions within the facility. One incident near Atlanta involved a woman who was placed into a car ride by herself and may have been experiencing other forms of neglect and exploitation. Other concerned individuals came forward with related stories about problems with the same nursing home.

Woman with mental health issues is placed into a car by herself and experiences other forms of mistreatment

A family was concerned after their 78 year old mother, who has dementia and Alzheimer’s, was placed into an Uber ride by herself to attend a doctor’s appointment. The woman reported being confused and hysterical in the unfamiliar setting, and the proper procedure for transporting someone in her condition is to always have them accompanied by others. When she arrived at the doctor’s office, they notified the family of what had taken place.

The family was also concerned that within her first six months in the facility, their mother was living with an oxygen tank that was not working properly and that the staff scheduled multiple unneeded appointments to receive money from the Medicare program.

They have filed formal complaints with the state about these problems, and other families who wanted to remain confidential responded that they have also had issues with the same facility in the past. One was quoted saying that there are probably many more stories of abuse that will be uncovered if residents are allowed to speak openly.

These events happened at the Riverside Nursing Home, which is located in Covington, Georgia just outside of Atlanta. The home’s administration did not respond to the local news requests for comments about the complaints against them.

Intentional mistreatment by staff

While many instances of improper treatment in nursing homes involve neglect or other actions that can be explained away as oversights, intentional acts are even more favorable to plaintiffs who want to file lawsuits. In this situation, it seems that the home’s staff was intentionally billing for unnecessary treatments for financial reasons and putting the elderly woman in dangerous situations. These are clear violations of their duty of care to residents, and fraudulent billing may even rise to the level of criminal activity if the local prosecutor decides to pursue charges against the home. This kind of strong evidence is an excellent way for a plaintiff’s lawyer to force the home into a settlement or win a judgment after a trial to make them pay for their mistakes.

Most lawsuits related to intentional abuse at nursing homes need to show that the facility’s staff acted in a manner that caused harm to the plaintiff. In this situation, there are witnesses from the woman’s doctor and many others who probably know of the mistreatment occurring within the building. If she experiences later health complications due to these same incidents, they can also be factored into the lawsuit. The home will ultimately be held responsible for any additional costs that the family incurs for treatment needed because of their mistakes.

A skilled nursing home abuse attorney may also be able to ask for larger amounts of damages related to the reckless and egregious nature of the actions carried out by the facility’s staff. Anyone with similar issues can receive specific advice about the value of their case by contacting the right attorney.

Get help from a nursing home abuse lawyer in Atlanta

If you believe that a family member is being mistreated or exploited in a nursing home in the Atlanta area, there is legal help available. Some lawyers specialize in claims related to senior citizens and the elderly, and their expertise can be very important when filing a lawsuit.