Nursing homes are required to have a very high standard of care if they wish to remain on the correct side of the law. The reality is that many nursing homes across Texas do not live up to the promises and standard of care which they originally agreed to offer their residents. One might assume that a long-term care facility would always offer its best services in order to promote its name but in truth, many nursing homes reduce the quality of their services for monetary benefit.

Some common reasons why nursing home abuse occurs include:

  • Improper training of the staff
  • Overwork by the staff
  • Improper supervision
  • Improper management
  • Lack of family support for the resident

Above all, nursing home abuse usually occurs in facilities that are understaffed. The employees in a nursing home have very demanding jobs that are both physically and mentally tiring. If they are overworked it is very easy for them to become short-tempered with the residents and in turn, lead them to become abusers. If a person is looking for a good long-term care facility they should make sure that they have a sufficient number of staff members to take care of all of the elderly residing there.

When is the right time to make a legal complaint against the nursing home?

As soon as a person realizes the abuse they are facing is out of their hands, they should reach out to a nursing home abuse lawyer in Houston, Texas to help them out of their difficult situation. Having a legal professional on one’s side is highly beneficial because they can assist a person in collecting essential records and documentation in order to strengthen their case. They can also educate a person on how much compensation they are entitled to receive while holding the abusers legally accountable for their actions.

Among the greatest benefits of involving a lawyer is that the nursing home will be forced to respond and change their system very quickly. This not only benefits the victim but also all the other residents who may have been facing abuse and were too afraid to speak out.

When nursing home abuse is ignored it can escalate dramatically to the point of the death of the resident. The elderly require a lot of care to manage all of their health problems. If they are neglected and left to tend to themselves or if they are even made to face a very small amount of abuse then they risk facing life-threatening injuries. Abuse to the elderly should be reported immediately to close family members, the police, Adult Protective Services, or to an attorney who specializes in dealing with cases of elder abuse.

Once the neglect and misconduct have been reported, the lawyers will make sure that the proper measures are taken to hold the facility responsibility and free the victims from the abuse.