Mobile, AL- For people of any age an issue with their can be troubling, but for an elderly personal an illness or health concern can have dire consequences and on some occasions can hasten their death. Families place their aging loved ones in an Alabama nursing home with the expectation that they will receive optimal care and are protected from preventable injuries. But the reality is that neglect is rampant in long-term care facilities across the state and many residents suffer diminished health as a consequence.

Below are some of the more common health problems nursing home residents suffer as a result of nursing home neglect:

  • Bedsores
  • Urinary Tract and Bladder Infections
  • Pneumonia

Bedsores are among the most common health issues seniors living in long-term care facilities suffer and can often be directly linked to neglect. While some elderly persons are more prone to developing bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers, many suffer these injuries unnecessarily since they can be prevented by moving a resident regularly. These sores develop when pressure is applied to an area of the bony body, such as the hips, for a prolonged period of time. The Mayo Clinic recommends that patient be moved every two hours to prevent bedsore but in woefully understaffed facilities immobile patients are not turned or moved often enough to prevent painful bedsores.

Bedsores left untreated can lead to serious infections and can eventually be fatal. These injuries are not only detrimental to a resident’s health, but they are also extremely painful, sometimes leaving a patient with exposed bone and muscle.

Frequent urinary tract and bladder infections can be indicative of nursing home neglect. Nursing home residents often depend on others to help them to the bathroom or change their incontinence garments. A nursing home resident who cannot go get to the bathroom without assistance are forced to hold their urine for long periods which can in turn lead to bladder and urinary tract infections. In many cases, nursing home staffers are too busy to assist residents to the bathroom as often as they need or simply ignore them.

Failing to change a resident’s incontinence garments can also lead to skin rashes and skin infections.

Pneumonia is a leading cause of death is nationwide nursing homes and can be directly linked to lackluster oral care. A recent story appearing in the New York Times showed that nursing home residents are plagued with broken teeth, gum disease and cavities because there are not receiving the oral care they need. Researchers say that oral bacteria causes pneumonia which can be prevented by simply providing oral care to residents.

Neglect of a patient’s needs in Alabama nursing homes is often the result of insufficient or poorly trained staff. Many of the health problems nursing home residents face are preventable when a home places patients above their profits. When a person suffers an unnecessary illness because of neglect an Alabama nursing home abuse attorney can help that individual pursue a facility for compensation to cover their medical costs and their suffering.