Health care needs to be viewed as a right and not a privilege. COVID-19 further highlighted the need for greater health care access and affordability. To make matters worse, Florida ranks last in per-person spending on mental health services and has no statewide mental health coordinating agency.


I will fight to make sure Floridians can get the care they need without worrying if they can afford it.


Here is my plan:


  • Advocate for the expansion of Medicaid to reduce the uninsured rate and allow our most vulnerable residents to get access to care.


  • Increase funding for mental health programs and services that include drug abuse counseling and mentor-ship programs for those who need it.


  • Improve statewide oversight over mental health providers and ensure better care and expanded coverage.


I will work to fix our broken health care system and help get Floridians the care they need.


To learn more about my campaign and plan for Florida’s future, please visit




Michael Weinstein,

Democrat for State House, District 81

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