Has President Trump Turned His Back on Vulnerable Nursing Home Abuse Victims?

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Amid the allegations issued against President Trump and his campaign for having relations with the Russian Government, yet another accusation is being pinned on our newly elected President. Now, Trump is being accused of turning his back on vulnerable nursing home victims. The President announced that “he was relaxing the Obama-era requirements for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to issue fines against nursing homes that harm their residents or put them at risk of injury,” according to the Chicago Sun-Times.


But, isn’t it the fines that help reduce the chances of a nursing home abuse incident from occurring? After all, these facilities can’t keep affording to pay out thousands and thousands of dollars for lawsuits filed against them.


Well, based on the guidelines set forth by President Trump, regulators will be discouraged from using fines even when a violation of policy results in a resident’s death. When the Obama policy was in full effect, “four out of every 10 nursing homes were cited at least once for a serious violation.” And with Illinois being recognized as one of the states with the highest rates of nursing home abuse occurring, reducing the number of violations being issued, even when a policy or state law is broken, isn’t what neglected patients or their families need right now.


Former President Obama’s Initiative to Combat Against Nursing Home Abuse Proved to be Effective


So, why change it? As we have learned, President Trump is all about change, and some of the policies he has modified haven’t exactly been for the better.


In over a year, Lincoln Manor in Decatur received a fine of nearly $300,000 after a resident passed away from septic shock. The resident had a wound that went untreated, which indicates their death could have been prevented. That incident alone is negligence at its finest, but would now slip through the cracks with Trump’s proposed plan. Had the facility been recognized in today’s day and age under Trump’s new policies, they would have been fined less than $20,000, not the $300,000 they were forced to pay.

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With laxer punishments, we can expect more violations coming from nursing homes as they no longer have that fear of being slapped with an exorbitant fine hanging over their heads. But, that doesn’t mean a family should just allow abuse to transpire. You still have the right to hire a Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer who is qualified and experienced to fight back against the mistreatment that is being inflicted upon your loved one.

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