Miami, FL- A nursing home is supposed to be the place where a senior is able to get the daily care they need. Most families take great pains to find a safe and well-staffed Miami nursing home, but that is no guarantee their loved one won’t face abuse or neglect. If your love one is abused or neglected, do you know what you need to next? Do you know how to protect your loved one?

The first step in handling your loved one’s suspected abuse is to speak with them about your suspicions if they haven’t already told you. Sometimes an elderly person will keep their mistreatment a secret out of fear of retaliation from staff. Or, they may think their allegations won’t be taken seriously. Other nursing home residents suffer from cognitive disorders that make it impossible to tell their loved ones there are being mistreated. In these case, a family should consider using a hidden camera in their loved ones room to capture any troubling incidents.

But before you can install a camera in your loved one’s room, you need to get permission from the facility. Most of the time, a facility is more than willing to let you use a granny cam, but there is no guarantee. USAttorneys recommends you speak with a nursing home abuse attorney in Miami before you take any actions. They can give you guidelines to follow so that you don’t harm any potential injury, wrongful death or medical malpractice claims you plan on pursing in the future.

If you do happen to find out that your suspicions were true, you should notify the facility and give them a chance to take action. That generally includes investigating your claims and firing the abusive employee or resident. Not taking action can result in costly fines and other financial losses, so most facilities will take your allegations seriously.

After you speak a facility’s administrators, you are urged to contact Florida’s Long-term Care Ombudsman and file a report. They too will launch an investigation to ensure a facility’s residents are safe from harm, but it can take months for them to conclude their investigation. If you want answers sooner, USAttorneys suggests you contact a lawyer and enlist them to investigate your claims.

After filing your complaint with the Long-term Care Ombudsman, you can take action on your own by speaking with an elder law attorney in Miami to determine if you are eligible for compensation and what steps you need to take next. Your love one may be eligible to recover compensation for their medical bills and emotional distress.

Nursing home abuse and neglect can have many negative effects on the overall well-being of your loved one. They may require extensive and costly medical treatment and feel the emotional effects indefinitely. In the worst cases, nursing home abuse and neglect can lead to resident’s death. Your loved one shouldn’t have to suffer or endure abuse and by taking action you are saving them from undue pain and misery.