Louisville, KY- A nursing home is supposed to be a place where a senior will live out their remaining days with the confidence their needs will be taken care of and they will be safe from harm. Unfortunately, there are too many occasions when a nursing home resident is abused or they are denied the care they deserve and need. When a person suspects their elderly loved one is being abused or neglected in a Kentucky long-term care facility, there are a number of steps they can take to end the mistreatment.

Nursing home abuse and neglect can negatively impact an elderly person’s emotional and physical well-being. Sometimes the injuries sustained as a result require extensive medical treatment and in the worst case lead to a person’s death. If injuries or death result from abuse or neglect, a nursing home abuse attorney can file a personal injury or wrongful death suit and seek compensation from a negligent facility on behalf of the victim and their family.

The first step is to confirm the abuse by asking the resident about your suspicions. In many cases, the nursing home resident is willing to tell you if they are being mistreated in any way and will be relieved that someone cares. But sometimes they may fear retaliation on behalf of the facility and staff and refuse to admit they are being harmed. Some nursing home residents suffer from cognitive disorders which make them incapable of reporting their mistreatment. Under these circumstances, a person should consider installing a hidden camera in their loved one’s room to capture the abuse on camera. A Louisville nursing home abuse can tell you whether it is legal to use hidden cameras in the state.

If your suspicions have been confirmed, you need to report the abuse or neglect directly to the administrators of that nursing home. When you approach nursing home management with your concerns it is critical you remain calm and give that facility time to investigate your claims. They have the presumption of innocence until your claims can be confirmed or denied.

Federal law requires that any concerns about the care a nursing home resident receives be investigated and addressed by a facility. If a facility fails to report to federal or state agencies they could face considerable fines.

After lodging a complaint directly with a facility, you should contact Adult Protective Services or the Kentucky Ombudsman for Long-term Care. These agencies will record your complaint and launch an investigation. It’s important to note that sometimes these investigate, substantiate and follow up on.

Once you have filed a formal complaint with the facility and the proper agency, you don’t have to wait to take further action; you can still pursue that agency for compensation by retaining a Louisville nursing home abuse attorney. In most cases, you can seek compensation for any medical bills and emotional suffering you or your loved one has endured because of their mistreatment.