You find out that a relative of yours who is living in a nursing home in Garfield County, CO is being mistreated by staff or other residents and you want to file a complaint against the facility. Who do you file your complaint with and what will happen once you report your concerns? If these are some of the questions you are seeking answers to, you have come to the right place.

The last thing anyone wants is for their aging relative to have to live in an environment that doesn’t promote health, wellness, and safety. While nursing homes are expected to provide this type of environment for their residents, the reality is, many don’t. Some homes are understaffed while others hire nurses or nursing assistants who aren’t willing to put forth the time and effort the residents need to enhance their way of living.

Many nursing homes today are subjecting their residents to abuse, neglect, and mistreatment and aren’t ensuring their facilities are in compliance with federal/state standards. As unfortunate as it is, the only way to stop it is to recognize a facility for their wrongdoing so that penalties are imposed and the home is forced to correct its mistakes. One way a person can recognize a nursing home for its lack of quality care, for violating a resident’s rights, or for failing to maintain an environment that fosters a safe and healthy lifestyle for the elderly is by filing a complaint with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment.


How do I file a complaint against a nursing home in Garfield County, CO?


If you would like to file a complaint against the nursing home your loved one is currently living in or was recently moved out of, the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment accepts complaints from anyone “with knowledge or concerns about a health care entity.” This means family members, concerned citizens, and health care professionals are all permitted to submit complaints.

If you prefer to keep your complaint confidential, the department also accepts anonymous complaints as well.


What happens after my complaint is filed?


Once you file your complaint with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, the department will review it and “prioritize [it] based on actual or potential harm to patients or residents.” Depending on how serious the complaint is, the department may conduct an investigation at the facility or off-site. When an on-site investigation is conducted, the department will “usually interview a sample of patient/resident family members and staff and review the entity’s records.” If the investigation is conducted off-site, the department will likely “review the entity’s records and interview staff.”

At the conclusion of the investigation, you should receive a call from the department with the outcome as well as a written summary of the investigation given you didn’t file the complaint anonymously. Generally, after a nursing home complaint is investigated, one of two outcomes may be reached. These include:


  1. There was insufficient supporting evidence to verify that the allegation occurred.
  2. If it is determined that the facility is not in compliance with a state statute or federal regulation, the home will be cited, and it will be required to correct the violation within a specific period of time.


Now, if you would like help recognizing a nursing home for abusing or mistreating your loved one, consider contacting a nursing home abuse lawyer in Garfield County, CO. The lawyers at Sands Law Office, LLC are available to help you understand your rights as well as the legal action you are permitted to take to defend your relative.


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