Pasco County, FL- Administrators of nursing homes have a duty to assure that residents are not harmed in their in their care. Conduction routine maintenance at their facility and on their vehicles is one of the ways in which nursing homes can prevent their elderly residents from being unnecessarily injured. But sometimes homes don’t take these steps and their residents can suffer as a result. Such is the case of an elderly woman in Florida who suffered a head injury and broken bones as a result of a faulty wheel chair lift on one of their transport vehicles.

According to the Palm Beach Post, the Gainesville Health Care Center, a 180-bed nursing home was fined $2,500 by the state’s Agency for Health Care Administration for failing to repair a the wheel chair lift on one of their transport vehicles even though they were aware it was damaged. Administrators were aware the lift had not been working properly since it was run over by a vehicle two years ago, the Palm Beach Post reported.

In November, a 75 year-old woman suffered fractures to her clavicle and two rib bones along with inter-cranial hemorrhaging after she fell from the lift.

A van driver told authorities that as he was using the lift, it suddenly stopped moving. The driver said he attempted to get the lift moving again by placing his foot underneath while holding the wheelchair. But he lost his balance and he along with the resident tumbled to the ground. The state said it would cost a little over $1,600 to fix the lift.

This particular facility risked the safety of numerous residents for over two years because they failed to make the necessary repairs to the chair lift. Why they would put their residents in danger is only known to the administrators of the facility, but their actions are clearly negligent and ended up being more costly in the long run. The injured woman and her family would likely be awarded compensation if they decided to file a negligence lawsuit with the assistance of a Florida nursing home attorney.

With nearly 80,000 beds in nursing homes across the state, there is the potential for many residents of Florida nursing homes to be the victims of neglect. Nursing homes that fail to provide their residents with proper care, fail to maintain their facility or vehicles can be forced to account for their negligence.

If a Florida facility is found guilty of negligence of allowing abuse, a court can order them to compensate a victim for their medical bills and damages for their pain and suffering. The amount of compensation a resident or their family receives is largely dependent on the strength of the case a nursing home abuse attorney presents to an insurer or court.

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