Boca Raton, FL – One of the ways that nursing home patients are harmed is if an employee of the facility was hired without proper background checks or credentials. An employee with improper training or a history of problems can easily injure an elderly person if they are not careful enough or if they intentionally attack a patient.  The facility can be sued if evidence is discovered which shows that they did not properly vet the worker before hiring them. 

Problems with hiring unqualified employees or not watching them 

Improper supervision and hiring is a serious, but common problem with facilities that are underfunded or understaffed. Ideally, the home should monitor the actions of its employees regularly and ensure that they are performing duties such as assistance with mobility or administering medications properly. If a worker does not properly assist a patient with things like movements or performing physical tasks, they can easily be hurt and sustain serious injuries. The home is responsible for ensuring that all of these tasks related to assisting patients can be done safely. This is especially true in situations where there is a known risk of harm. 

The process to discover negligent hiring and supervision

An attorney can investigate to see if the home engaged in illegal or negligent hiring practices. Once a lawsuit is filed, both the plaintiff and the defendant have to exchange information in the discovery process. This includes anything that may be relevant to the legal matter at issue. In some cases, this means that thousands of documents can be exchanged between the parties. 

Before making a hiring decision, the facility should have checked to see if the worker possessed all relevant licenses and forms of training necessary for the position. The person should have also been drug tested and screened for a criminal record. Many of these procedures are standard within human resources departments in all professional fields. In rare cases, some people even use fake or fraudulent credentials to try to land a position in a field where they have no legitimate background. The employer can be held responsible if these problems were not discovered before the individual started to interact with patients. Some nursing home employees have even engaged in serious theft crimes, as they believe residents with reduced mental capacity will not notice their belongings or money is missing. 

Taking legal action and retaining an attorney

Victims of improper practices in a nursing home have remedies available to help them receive payment for their injuries through a civil lawsuit. Rosenberg Injury Law is a firm that assists clients with cases against these facilities in the Boca Raton area. 

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