Nursing home residents throughout Florida were suffering as government officials failed to take action to ease restrictions due to the pandemic on visitation and other activities in facilities. 

Months of isolation has nursing home residents on edge and feeling hopeless

At the time of the news report, many concerned individuals had said that their elderly family members are actually dying from over five months of loneliness and isolation rather than the coronavirus. A state task force had been assigned to come up with safe procedures for allowing at least one visitor at a time per resident, but they still had not actually allowed visitations or released any concrete details about this process. 

One woman was so disturbed by the restrictions that she took a job as a dishwasher at a nursing home to be able to see her 66 year old husband. She told the local news that it was absurd that she was allowed to see her husband in person at work, but she could not schedule an in person meeting to see him before taking the job, even with precautions in place. The woman slammed the idea that she could touch her husband as much as she wanted as a dishwasher, but family members cannot see each other in person at all. The woman claims that she sees people in the facility giving up hope and feeling like they are dying from the lack of a chance to do much of anything. 

The governor of Florida had only created the task force a week before this news report was published. Members of the task force are supposed to come up with a safe and limited plan for allowing nursing homes to start to get back to normal and allow visitations, along with more movement for residents. Governor DeSantis had ordered the long term care facilities to close in mid March, and since that time almost 70,000 workers and patients in nursing homes have died from coronavirus nationally. Florida accounted for just under 4,000 of those nursing home deaths during the pandemic. There is some good news, as new coronavirus cases in Florida had been declining for weeks and fewer people were dying in nursing homes nationally than during the early months of the pandemic. 

The claim from the family members in this news story about family members potentially dying is supported by some evidence. State ombudsman in some areas have reported elderly people who simply stop eating and taking care of themselves due to excessive isolation.

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