Boca Raton, FL – Every state in the U.S. publishes regulations related to how nursing homes can operate while maintaining standards for safety and cleanliness. This process is especially crucial in areas where facilities have had problems with infections or deaths caused by improper actions from staff and administrators in the past. Poor decisions that lead to injuries often result in the homes being sued or sanctioned and fined by the government. 

Regulations for local facilities

The state of Florida has its own standards for nursing homes that operate in the Boca Raton area and other cities and counties. There are inspections and other administrative actions taken to ensure compliance with these rules and keep the state’s approximately 70,000 patients under their care safe. 

As a basic rule, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services sets out basic requirements for each facility to receive funding under the Medicare and Medicaid programs. At the state level, Florida can issue regulations and investigate to see if any of them are being violated. The administration and financial matters of the home are the two key areas that require state oversight.  

The residents themselves must be subjected to various physical and mental evaluations to ensure that they are given correct treatment. Facilities should not deviate from these treatment schedules unless the person’s situation has changed or new information is uncovered by a doctor. For residents who require assistance with basic daily tasks such as movement and grooming, staff at the home must provide them with help on a consistent schedule so that they do not become neglected. 

Adequately trained staff should be available at all times to administer treatments as necessary and avoid serious problems such as medication errors. Signs of poor hygiene or deteriorating health should be addressed as soon as possible, especially for those who are immobile and can develop bedsores from neglect. 

Supervision of patients is also necessary to ensure that they do not harm themselves or engage in dangerous activities. This is especially important for those who have some kind of mental incapacity or short term memory loss. 

Violations of government rules

When a nursing home violates these rules, they can be fined immediately or given time to correct outstanding problems. If there are multiple violations that remain unchecked, the home can be charged, sued by the government and private parties, and even have its license pulled in extreme circumstances. 

Talk to a nursing home neglect attorney

Nursing homes can be held accountable for their mistakes by lawyers who focus on bringing lawsuits against them. Rosenberg Injury Law is a local firm that assists clients in south Florida with bringing cases against these facilities.  

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