A facility located in Wilton Manors was the site of at least 16 known deaths during the coronavirus pandemic. A state report mentioned the home as public health officials struggled to control the virus in nursing homes around Florida, where a high percentage of all virus related deaths occurred in the Sunshine State. 

South Florida nursing home records a devastating number of deaths during the pandemic

The state had been releasing their report once each week during the pandemic. The most recent of these reports at the time of publication included three more deaths added to the total at a Wilton Manors facility called Manor Pines Convalescent. The parent company that owns and operates this home is called The Marrinson Group, and they run seven facilities throughout Florida and South Carolina.

The president of the company agreed to a phone interview with the media to discuss the situation, and he said that the news was surprising and unexpected. He claimed that all of their facilities had already taken extensive measures to control the virus, including daily testing. Their facilities are unique in the sense that they serve both elderly clients in long term care as well as younger clients who have short term illnesses and injuries. While this mix of patients was concerning during the pandemic, greater steps were taken to isolate the two different populations. Workers who handle patients on each unit were totally separated to prevent any kind of cross contamination between employees, their co-workers, or patients. He commended his nurses and aides, saying that he considers all of them to be heroes for their hard work during the pandemic. 

This news came at a bad time for Florida nursing homes, as 190 facilities in the state had recorded at least one virus related death within their building. At least 8 staff members who worked in homes in varying capacities had died since the first virus cases were recorded.

The Florida HealthCare Association estimates that over 155,000 residents and 200,000 workers enter these facilities every day in the state. Such a large population of people in nursing homes can become a huge source of problems during the pandemic, adding to both the death totals and greater community spread. One facility in Pinellas County has already experienced 22 patient deaths and one dead employee, which is the most in the state. Close to 200 people had already died in nursing homes in Miami Dade County alone at the time of the report.   

Wilton Manors is several miles south of Boca Raton in Broward County. 

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