Boca Raton, FL – When an elderly relative begins to stay in a nursing home full time, there are many dangers that may not be immediately apparent to the person’s family. Anyone who is staying in these kinds of facilities can potentially be neglected and suffer from various kinds of injuries. It is important for anyone who is staying in the home and has family members visit them to remain vigilant and look for various signs of neglect or poor operations at the home. 

A basic overview of the facility

When someone is choosing a nursing home to stay at, they should look for both information online about the facility as well as ask for an opportunity to look around at the property. Some homes are subject to sanctions and other measures by government agencies that regulate nursing homes when patients are getting sick or neglected by staff. The home itself should also have an appearance that is clean and free from major problems with maintenance and staffing issues. Some of the worst things that can happen inside of the facility are related to a lack of funding that results in insufficient staff relative to the number of patients or measures that are meant to cut corners and save money, which tend to affect the residents first. 

The condition of people staying inside the home

When a person who is in a nursing home is subjected to neglect or abuse, they may exhibit certain telltale signs that indicate something is wrong. If the patient appears unkempt or they have not been receiving help with basic hygienic measures, or have bed sores, this is a major indicator of neglect. It may mean that the home is understaffed and has not been assisting patients, or that the workers and administration simply do not care. People in homes who are neglected tend to develop mental health issues as well. If a relative staying in a home seems socially withdrawn or depressed, it may be due to insufficient care or issues with the caretakers. 

There may even be more severe signs that something is awry in the facility. There have been incidents where patients are physically harmed by the staff. In some cases, this may result in civil lawsuits and even criminal charges against the person responsible if they are caught on the home’s surveillance. A lawyer should be contacted immediately if there are any of these indicators of serious neglect or abuse present. 

Talking with an attorney who focuses on nursing home cases

There are lawyers in the Boca Raton area who dedicate their entire practice to assisting families with lawsuits against nursing homes for various types of neglect and substandard care. Rosenberg Injury Law is an experienced firm that is available to handle these matters for local clients. 

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The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rosenberg

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