Baton Rouge, LA – When someone commits to care in a nursing home, it is normally a last resort because they can no longer care for themselves or place a constant burden on their families. These individuals are especially vulnerable to illness, injuries, and dire health conditions based on their advanced age and medical history. Due to these reasons, it is important that the healthcare professionals in the facility take their responsibility to care for patients seriously. However, problems with nursing home staff and administration remain common throughout the entire United States due to inadequate funding and other issues. When there are problems in a home due to a lack of adequate care, they may be sued to pay for medical treatment or costs associated with the person passing away.

The need for care and supervision

One of the primary responsibilities of a caregiver in a nursing home is to assist patients with basic daily tasks related to things like movement, hygiene, and eating. This is done because the patient is in a physical or mental state where they simply cannot complete these activities on their own. If employees in the facility neglect these duties, the possibility of injury, illness, or abandonment increases. Incidents such as an elderly individual falling and sustaining health problems, or simply leaving the facility if they are not being watched are common. However, these situations can result in legal action and problems for the facility if the government finds out and intervenes. 

What happens when the standard of care is not met? 

An unfortunate reality of nursing home life is that there are often problems with inadequate staffing, a lack of professionalism among staff and administration, illness that spreads through a facility, and intentional harm from frustrated caretakers. There can be serious financial consequences for the facility, and government investigators may look into sanctions or taking away their funding from the federal Medicaid program. 

An injury attorney who represents the victim and their family can file a lawsuit to receive payment for any additional medical treatment that is required, or other costs that become necessary because of the facility’s negligence. If the victim passes away because of the home’s actions, funeral services, burial, and other damages may also become the responsibility of the company that owns the facility. 

Learning about the process to bring a case against a nursing home or assisted living facility

There are firms who focus on helping victims of nursing home injuries and their families on a regular basis. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is available to assist clients with the procedures to bring a civil case against a nursing home and receive payments for losses associated with injuries. 

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