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Have you witnessed signs that indicate your elderly relative might be the victim of nursing home abuse? If so, you should consider contacting a MS nursing home abuse lawyer to find out what the proper way would be to address the situation.

Bringing a legal representative into the picture when you suspect abuse is occurring is always recommended, whether you hire them or not. The fact is, most family members who have a loved one living in a nursing home aren’t equipped to handle instances where they believe their relative is being mistreated. While most assume that they should just report their suspicions to someone higher up, what if that person is the one who is inflicting the harm? What if they are observing others do it and aren’t stepping up to stop it?

Sadly, this is what really transpires in many nursing homes located all across the country and throughout the state of Mississippi. That is why whether you have evidence or not that the abuse is occurring, you should consult with a Greenville, MS nursing home abuse lawyer in your area. Not only can a lawyer help you determine if there is any validity to your allegations, but they certainly can do something about it if they suspect what you have observed is, in fact, a sign that your aging relative is being abused.


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What are some signs of nursing home abuse and the indicators of each?


Nursing home abuse occurs in many forms and can happen in many different ways. For instance, physical abuse is one of the most common forms of abuse that occurs and any of the following actions would constitute as this type of abuse:

  • Beating
  • Slapping
  • Kicking
  • Rough handling
  • Other abuse that causes welts, cuts, burns, abrasions, sprains, bruises, dislocations, fractures or broken bones.


Psychological/Emotional Abuse

Another form of abuse that is prevalent in nursing home facilities is psychological and emotional abuse. Indicators include “verbal threats or insults, cursing, belittling, and withholding companionship or isolation.”


Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can be inflicted by nursing home staff members and residents as well. Some indicators of this form of abuse include a resident being diagnosed with a Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), becoming pregnant, suffering bruising, experiencing bleeding, pain or itching in genital or anal areas, or having difficulty in walking or sitting.


Financial Abuse/Exploitation

Although many are unaware, financial exploitation is yet another form of abuse that affects nursing home residents. Some indicators of financial abuse include, “mismanaging money or stealing property, savings, credit cards, unusual activity in bank accounts, and misuse of assets by a representative payee.” Financial abuse is also very common when an aging individual who is still living at home has someone such as a health care professional or another family member helping them manage their finances. If you think someone is taking advantage of your loved one’s financial wealth, you can contact an elder law lawyer in Greenville, MS who can explain what steps you can take to protect your relative’s remaining assets.

[Source: State of MS Office of Attorney General].

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As we discussed above, you are encouraged to connect with a MS nursing home abuse attorney in your city if you think someone at your loved one’s facility is engaging in one or more acts of abuse. The attorneys at Williams Newman Williams PLLC are a highly qualified team of legal experts who can help determine if your loved one is being mistreated, who might be inflicting this harm, and what steps you can take to hold him or her accountable. To schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer in your area now, simply call 800-558-4208.


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