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Nursing homes are the perfect option for many working class American families and their elderly relatives. The fact is that we are all busy with demanding schedules and unfortunately just don’t have the time or the resources to properly care for our elderly loved ones.

Elderly people require constant care and attention, and therefore a nursing home seems like a viable alternative for most families.

There are many perks to admitting your loved one into a nursing home as a resident in the District of Columbia. To begin with, your loved one will receive care and attention at all times by trained nurses and doctors who are always a call away. Your elderly loved one will also be able to interact with other residents and once again be able to enjoy a healthy social life.

Most importantly, the facilities and infrastructure in a nursing home are meant to be specifically designed with elderly people in mind and that will make it all the more better for a nursing home resident to live conveniently.

However, beware that nursing home abuse is a real and persistent problem in DC and the last thing you want is for your relative to become a victim of such abuse. If you do not think it can happen to you, it can!

Nursing home residents are elderly, weak, helpless, and frail, and some even suffer from conditions such as amnesia or dementia which makes them easy victims to abuse. They are most vulnerable, which is why you need to be alert if your loved one is admitted in a nursing home.

The different types of nursing home abuse

Nursing home abuse comes in many forms.

Verbal abuse – This is a common type of nursing home abuse and is usually the stepping stone to other more serious forms of abuse. It involves disrespecting the resident, using profanity against them, calling them names, yelling at them, and so forth. This makes some disturbed human beings feel superior or good since they may feel they do not have any power in their lives so they take it out on the elderly in the nursing home.

Physical abuse – This is also one of the most common forms of nursing home abuse that usually succeeds verbal abuse. A resident could be in danger of being pushed or shoved, beaten, restrained, etc.

Sexual abuse – Other residents or nursing home staff members may sexually violate a nursing home resident as we have seen being reported several times in the past.

Financial abuse – Sometimes, nurses and staff members steal from residents, force them into handing over valuable possessions and may even forge checks to their own names.

Bed sores – Nursing home residents, especially those who are bed ridden, need to be moved around every once in a while in order to prevent bed sores or pressure sores from developing. However, if the nursing home fails to do this and it results in bed sores (which can be fatal in some cases) it is considered nursing home abuse.

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