There are many cases of understaffed nursing homes not following healthcare procedures correctly, causing harm to patients. The administration of some of these homes goes to great lengths to cover up such deficiencies.

Local news for Denver reported on unsanitary and unsafe conditions at a nursing home in nearby Aurora, Colorado.

Aide tells horrific stories about deficient nursing home

A former employee at the home who worked as a certified nurse aide had told the news network about all kinds of problems at University Heights Rehab and Care, although the facility is denying the allegations.

Within the few months she worked at the home before leaving, she alleges that she saw patients being neglected, not receiving baths or showers, not being fed, and remaining in dirty clothing and underwear for extended periods of time.

She says that her suspicions became aroused when just a week after starting the job, the director of nursing at the facility asked her to lie on her paperwork about the home being understaffed. She alleges that she was told to forge names and shifts in blank spots in their staffing logs.

The woman was eventually terminated from her position at the facility, which she believes was due to acknowledging their deficiencies and trying to correct them. The doctor of one of them patients at the home also called the police to file a report about neglect around the same time. The doctor apparently saw old bandages that had not been removed and wounds that had gotten worse on a patient because they were not cleaned. When the aide who broke the story attempted to clean the wounds and remove the bandages herself, she was fired for acting outside the scope of her job duties.

As a response, the company who owns the home stated that they are the largest provider of skilled care in the state, and the employee was terminated for legitimate reasons. Despite these denials, documentation from the Colorado Department of Health does show a history of problems at the facility. One complaint involved a family who noticed their family member was not checked on for at least one entire day and left in a bed in soiled clothing. A month before that, another patient made a formal complaint about dressings for a diabetic ulcer that were never cleaned or changed. There were also multiple instances of patients falling and dealing with broken limbs or head trauma after the impact.

While most of the complaints made to the department of health have apparently been corrected, there are still concerns that the facility is severely understaffed and the employees working there lack proper training.

Lawsuits after neglect

If you have experienced neglect at a nursing home, or have an elderly family member who is not being cared for properly, there is help available. A lawyer can file a lawsuit against the facility and force them to pay for any problems that can be associated with their mistreatment.

Get assistance from a lawyer in Denver

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