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Nursing home abuse is a form of negligence that everyone needs to be aware of in Sussex County, Delaware. Even if you or your loved ones do not currently reside in a nursing home, it is imperative that you are aware of the prevalence of nursing home abuse. No one expects to be placed in an assisted living facility, but life is unpredictable, so you should be ready for anything.

Approximately 4,192 people in all of Delaware live in retirement homes. With Sussex County being the largest county in the state, the chances of you moving into a nursing home later on in life are higher than people in other counties. It is always better to be prepared than end up in a position where you feel powerless. That is why it is incredibly important to educate yourself on nursing home abuse. It is far more common of a phenomenon than people realize.

Definition of Nursing Home Abuse

The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine defines abuse as “any action that intentionally harms or injures another person.” Abuse of any kind involves the mistreatment of somebody at the hands of someone else. It is not necessarily the case that the abuser is an adult, or that the victim is younger than the abuser. There are certain circumstances where the individual being abused is much older than the abusive perpetrator, which tends to be the case most often in nursing home abuse incidents.

The common denominator among all abusers is that they are in a position of power over the person they are hurting. In situations where nursing home residents are abused, the people who cause harm are the supervisors and caretakers entrusted to watch over the nursing home residents. Elderly people are less alert, aware, and tuned into their surroundings. For that reason, they can be taken advantage of with more ease than people within any other age group.

From physical violence and verbal harassment, to sexual assault and outright neglect, elderly people are subjected to an unbelievable array of maltreatment. There is no threshold that an elderly person must reach before telling someone they are being abused, and yet, the majority of nursing home abuse cases are unreported. Sometimes, the elderly person is not even aware that they are being harmed, often due to conditions such as cognitive impairment or trouble with memory.

Furthermore, if family members do not live in or around Sussex County, it can be difficult to visit their older relative at their retirement home. The elderly folks whose family visits them less often are at a considerably higher risk of nursing home abuse. When elderly people do not have someone who checks in on them frequently, they become targeted by abusers. Nursing home abuse lawyers in Delaware are ready to bring justice to your case.

How to Find a Sussex County Delaware Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

If you suspect that you, or someone you know, has been the victim of senseless abuse at the hands of nursing home staff, visit our website. Our website enables you to search and find a nursing home abuse attorney in Sussex County, Delaware.

When moving into a retirement home, the expectation is that residents will be cared for and treated with compassion, but that is not always the reality. Sussex County lawyers are ready to fight for cases of nursing home abuse. Contact U.S. Attorneys today for a free case evaluation.