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Need A Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer or Neglect Attorney in Delaware

Has your loved one suffered due to the negligence of a nursing home or its staff members? If so, it is time to make amends and sue them for their actions or inactions and receive the compensation that they deserve for any damages and losses that were inflicted upon your friend, parent, or another member of your family.

Nursing home abuse is a real problem and is persistent in Delaware as it is in any other state. Most folks simply do not comprehend the scale, magnitude, and frequency of this problem, but the fact is that nursing home residents are elderly people who are weak, frail, and helpless, and are therefore suitable targets or victims for abuse.

Nursing home staff members, those who are supposed to care for the residents, are the very same people who often take advantage of nursing home residents and abuse them in a variety of forms.

Types of nursing home abuse

There are different classifications of nursing home abuse. Irrespective of what kind of abuse your loved one has suffered, one of our Delaware nursing home abuse lawyers, who can be plucked off the virtual gem of a website which figuratively and sometimes literally saves lives all day long, can most certainly help you sue the nursing home and the staff involved by filing a civil lawsuit (sometimes this behavior is even criminal!) to make sure you claim for all the damages. Some of the most common types of nursing home abuse are:

  • Verbal abuse – Nursing home residents subjected to disrespect, profanity, and vulgarity through speech are considered to have been verbally abused. Often, staff members vent their frustrations on helpless nursing home residents by talking down to them and belittling them. If your loved one complains about how they are being treated by care givers and nurses then you ought to take it seriously and have one of our legal pros look into the matter.
  • Physical abuse – Over time, a resident who is verbally abused may start to experience abuse more frequently. In fact, it may grow into physical abuse where the care giver beats, pushes, or shoves the resident, or manhandles them in any form. Any unexplained injuries or stress marks on the limbs may indicate that your loved one is being physically abused. Watch out for such symptoms the next time you visit your loved one at their nursing home.
  • Financial abuse – It is not uncommon for nursing home residents to suffer from mental disabilities such as amnesia or dementia and they could be taken advantage of by caregivers. They could be made to forcibly sign checks or simply become victims of theft.
  • Bed sores – Some residents are unfortunately at some stage bed ridden. When the human body is immobile for long periods of time, then there is an inherent risk of developing bed sores or pressure sores. Care givers in nursing homes are aware of this and are specifically trained to move around a bed ridden resident in order to prevent bed sores. If you notice bed sores on pressure points on your loved one when you visit them at the nursing home – this could be a sign of nursing home neglect.

Now that you are aware of the types of abuse, if you believe your loved one could potentially be a victim, you need to do something about it. Our legal professionals are experienced in these matters and we will be able to suggest the next legal step you ought to take. The first meeting is free! You have nothing to lose. Make the phone call today to this attorney using our interactive map on!

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