Nursing home conditions became a very important issue during the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic seemed to be most likely to kill people who were living in nursing homes. An infection that spreads through a facility could potentially wipe out the population of vulnerable elderly residents. 

There have been task forces designated to test people in nursing homes throughout Iowa for coronavirus. 

Iowa county unveils new plan for testing nursing home workers

The program was started in Dallas County, and it will begin by testing all employees who work at nursing homes in the county. The strike force was started by a few members of the Iowa National Guard along with the Iowa Department of Health. They screened many of the most vulnerable healthcare workers first, all of whom worked in nursing homes. 450 total workers are expected to be tested at a site in the County Fairgrounds in Adel. 

Nose swabs will be given to test if a person is currently infected, while a blood test will also be given to look for antibodies and previous infections. One employee of a Dallas County facility was interviewed by the media and gave her opinion about the situation. She was thankful for additional safety and testing measures meant to protect workers and vulnerable elderly populations in these homes. She also said that they have temperature checks as soon as they walk into the facility, then they have to go to wash their hands before doing anything else. All of the employees also wear masks at all times. Her particular facility has not had any positive COVID-19 infections, and she believes that should continue as they increase safety. 

There was a five hour window for testing planned that weekend.  

Risks associated with nursing homes

The coronavirus pandemic and widespread COVID-19 infections in nursing homes brought national attention to poor conditions in many of these facilities. Even before the pandemic, many people had been dying from neglect and abuse due to issues with mistrained staff and improper cleaning. Such stories gained more attention along with the coronavirus spreading, which seemed to be most likely to kill or hospitalize those who are already ill in nursing homes. 

There are risks of being housed in such a facility because residents are often stolen from, mistreated by staff, or neglected to the point of developing serious illnesses. When this happens, it is best to get legal help right away to protect elderly family members. 

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