Connecticut Nursing Home Citied for Opiate Overdose

Nursing Home Abuse-WalkerFairfield, CT- Connecticut nursing home are facing scrutiny and fines after one patient was accidentally overdosed and two other patients suffered broken bones.

Cambridge Manor was fined $1,388 after a patient was rushed to the hospital because they were unresponsive on July 3, according to the Connecticut Post. An investigation from the Connecticut Department of Public Health concluded that the patient suffered from an overdose of opiates. The DPH report states that patient was given morphine and a thyroid drug by mistake.

The patient in the first incident is recovered and returned to the facility.

In another July incident, a wheelchair bound patient suffering from anxiety and dementia was found wandering around on the Easton Turnpike. The patient was left sitting in the lobby unattended and was able to slip out of the nursing home. The patient, luckily, was unharmed, but could have suffered serious injury.

A Greenwich nursing home was also subjected to Department of Public Health fines and investigation after two patients in their care suffered broken bones.

In March, the Connecticut Post reported that a nurse on staff at Greenwich Woods Health Center found a patient who had a swollen and bruised arm. An x-ray revealed that the patient had a broken arm and the DPH investigation concluded that the injury occurred when the patient was being lifted and moved by staff. They were fined $1,388 for the incident.

In another incident from August, another Greenwich Woods patient suffered multiple rib fractures. The patient who was prone to falls was left alone in the bathroom by a staff member. The patient slipped and fell on the floor. Two days later when the patient began to complain of pain, an x-ray revealed the extent of their injuries.

All of these incidents could have been much worse for the patients involved, and in many instances they do. Not only could these incidents have resulted in more serious injuries and even death, but they are demonstrative of the rampant neglect occurring in nursing homes across the country.

Neglect in nursing homes and other long term care facilities is so common that in a recent survey, 50 percent of staff in these facilities admit that they neglected a patient’s care at least once in the month preceding the survey.

These incidents were investigated and the nursing home was sanctioned for the violations, but in many states, relatively minor incidents like these go undetected, and ignored, putting the safety of the nursing home patients at risk.  For some of these facilities it takes more than a fine to make them address serious neglect or abuse.

Nursing home neglect is not innocuous; it can be dangers and in the worst case cause the death of a patient. A simple mistake such as giving a patient the wrong medicine or leaving them unattended in a lobby or bathroom can have dire consequences.

If you have a an elderly or disabled loved one who you suspect is being abused or neglected in long term care facility, a nursing home abuse attorney can hold that facility accountable and, hopefully, keep  other patients safe.