Local health officials and others were concerned about a growing number of coronavirus cases in South Carolina, which could disproportionately affect people staying in nursing homes. The elderly and those who are already in poor health have suffered the most throughout the pandemic in the United States. 

Nursing home residents may suffer the most in new surge of cases

The state’s totals include approximately 21,000 confirmed cases and just over 600 deaths at the time of the news report. The Department of Health and Environmental Control for South Carolina reported at least 350 new cases each day since June 4th of 2020. The nation’s official totals from Johns Hopkins University included 118,000 deaths and 2.1 million confirmed COVID-19 cases at the middle of June 2020. 

Health officials also confirmed that at least four more people had died from the virus in the state, located in Florence, Kershaw, and Lancaster County. Charleston, Horry, Richland, and Greenville Counties are the state’s hotspots, with over 1,200 confirmed infections in each location. 

The state’s head epidemiologist has pleaded with local residents to wear masks and take other safety precautions as various measures designed to reopen businesses and workplaces have been ongoing. She said that the virus is not spreading on its own, and each individual should do their best to ensure the safety of their communities. People who go out without taking these precautions are potentially putting others in the state at risk, whether they realize it or not. Her recommendations were the most forceful of all of the warnings given to the public so far, according to the governor. He added that people should be trying their best to keep physical distance at all times and wear masks at all times while going out.

The state’s government was also working to figure out the best use for almost $2 billion in federal aid that was given for coronavirus relief. Giving some of the funding to unemployed workers through state programs was one of the most recommended uses, however nursing homes are deficient in many places as well. 

Viral and bacterial outbreaks in nursing homes

A nursing home is one of the worst environments to be in during a pandemic. This is because of the very real possibility that an infection will spread quickly, infecting most of the staff and residents within just a couple of days. Those who are elderly and vulnerable due to health conditions are much more likely to die in these kinds of situations. 

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