Local news for the Columbia, South Carolina area said that the Department of Health and Environmental Control is releasing data showing that workers in the state’s nursing homes are getting sick, fatigued, and even dying due to the coronavirus pandemic

Data shows that pandemic hit state’s nursing homes harder than initially thought

Some of the most alarming data showed that at least eight staffers in nursing homes in the state died between early April and early July. The report that revealed this information showed various kinds of updated data, which was not previously disclosed to the public. 

The department was also in the process of reviewing almost 1200 cases of COVID-19 among individuals who were at nursing homes in the state. At least six people out of those 1200 had died in just about a month during the spring and early summer. The specific home where this outbreak started saw just a few cases among residents, but one of them had died. A family member of someone who had previously visited a relative at this facility was disturbed, and he claims that his visit with a relative back in March may end up being his last. 

Some of the incidents reported by visitors at homes include severe staffing issues and residents being left in a bathroom for up to an hour without any assistance. When residents are not watched for extended periods of time, this can easily turn into neglect. A housekeeper who works at a facility reported similar problems that could easily spread the virus or result in additional deaths. She corroborated the statements about the home being severely understaffed. She also said that protective equipment seems to be in short supply and sanitation procedures are not being followed as closely as they should be. The staffing issues have also led to use of unqualified individuals for a number of tasks around the facility. She claims that she is concerned she will contract and spread coronavirus to her friends and family members, as the home does not appear to be safe at all.

South Carolina’s department of health responded by issuing statements related to a number of safety precautions. These include continued testing, online publication and updates of testing results, updated safety guidelines in accordance with federal standards, regional offices in the state that will work with administrators and staff in local homes to address their concerns, and the governor’s continued restrictions on visitation and other security measures meant to keep nursing home populations safe. 

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