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Nursing home abuse is a problem across the country which is a lot more common and persistent than most of us perceive. As we age, we need more care and attention.

However, in this day and age where we are packed with busy schedules, it is often challenging to always be by the side of our elderly relatives and care for them 24 hours a day in ways that many people are not comfortable with caring for someone else. This is precisely why most people prefer to admit their elderly loved ones in a nursing home.

A nursing home makes perfect sense

They are supposed to have trained staff that is always there to attend to and care for your loved one. They have the infrastructure and facilities which are specifically designed with older patients in mind. They also have the trained and certified support staff that no home can match.

There will be other residents whose company your loved one can potentially enjoy and have a social life again. In fact, the quality of life will just be better overall in all sorts of aspects. Furthermore, you can even visit your loved one who is a nursing home resident whenever you feel like it.

Nursing home abuse defined

It is no secret that nursing home residents make the perfect victims. They are old, frail, some suffer from amnesia, some suffer from dementia, and they are pretty helpless. This is why they need constant care and help in the first place. However, these drawbacks of residents can also be taken advantage of by nursing home staff, who see opportunity to abuse the very resident that they are supposed to care for.

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There are several types of nursing home abuse, such as:

Physical abuse – Pushing, shoving, beating, manhandling, unlawful restraint or the use of illegal restraining devices, and so on all come under the domain of physical abuse.

Financial abuse – Forgery, theft, etc.

Sexual abuse – Residents may be sexually violated or humiliated by staff members as we have seen happen in the past or sexual abuse could come from another resident too. Either way, the nursing home and its staff can be held liable.

Medication – Timely medication is imperative for residents who are sick. Forgetting to administer medication on time, administering the wrong dose of medication, and so forth, are all considered nursing home neglect or abuse as well.

Other types of nursing home neglect or abuse include:

  • Verbal abuse
  • Maintaining an unsafe environment
  • Failure to provide adequate nutrition
  • Failure to assist with bathing/bathroom necessities
  • Failure to offer proper shelter
  • Wrongful death
  • Bed sores

If you suspect that your loved one may be a victim of abuse at his or her nursing home then you really ought to act quickly. Remember that abuse can only increase in severity and frequency to a point where it can become fatal. No elderly person deserves to live their last days being abused in such a way. It is not a laughing matter.

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Sometimes the nursing home executives itself is not even cognizant on what is happening in their facility! Well, they will soon find out!

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