Margarita Sam, 89, was a resident at Union Printers Home in Colorado Springs, CO. Sadly, she died in February after she froze to death on a bench outside of the home, according to a recently issued autopsy report. KRDO says that the woman had stepped outside of the facility to cool off after having gotten into an argument with a staff member and never returned inside.

It wasn’t until hours later that she was found by staff members who then called the Colorado Springs police.

A medical examiner later determined that Sam had died as a result of hypothermia. The source cited that the autopsy report stated that the coroner’s office received Sam wearing “a pair of nylon stockings, a pink bra, a white skirt… and a white short-sleeved shirt.” On the morning Sam was found, temperatures were estimated to be about 26 degrees.


Sam’s Family Claims They Were Never Informed of Their Loved One’s Death


One of the first things nursing home staff members should do when a resident has fallen ill or has passed away is contact their loved ones. Unfortunately, Sam’s family says they were never informed by the facility that their loved one had passed away. Instead, they say they learned of Sam’s death through the El Paso County Coroner’s Office.

Because the family was left with so many unanswered questions, they decided to hire a lawyer to look into their loved one’s death. One of the attorneys the family retained said that injuries and deaths at nursing homes are oftentimes avoidable. The attorney added that the family was still shocked that Sam froze to death at a nursing home, a place where people go to for support, care, and supervision.

While the family has yet to bring forth a wrongful death lawsuit against the facility, that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t pursue litigation in the future once more information surrounding Sam’s death is uncovered. The family’s attorney said Sam’s relatives “want nothing more than justice” and are “eager to get closure.”


Department of Health Shuts Union Printers Down


When Sam’s death was first reported, the state’s Department of Health conducted a thorough investigation into the facility and decided to shut it down. KRDO also says there is an open wrongful death civil lawsuit that was filed against the facility back in 2019.

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