Every nursing home resident is entitled to certain rights and more often than not, these rights are usually overlooked. Anyone who has their loved one in a nursing home should make sure they are educated on their rights, so they are able to overcome instances of abuse and neglect if they ever come up. A person can only combat abuse once they understand what their rights are, so it is vital that everyone is educated on their rights, and they fight for them when the time arises.

All nursing home residents of nursing facilities are covered under the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act, and they are entitled to various rights, including:

  • The right to be free from abuse and neglect
  • The right to freedom of speech and religion
  • The right to freedom from discrimination and privacy of their medical and personal care
  • The right to keep their own belongings on their person
  • The right to receive medical treatments of their choice and the right to refuse medical treatment

If any of the above rights are not being followed, then a person should do everything in their power to ensure they are not taken advantage of. The best way to do this is by getting in touch with a nursing home attorney who has dealt with similar legal cases. A lawyer will educate and fight for a person’s rights to be taken care of.

Many times, nursing home neglect and abuse end up occurring because the homes are understaffed, and this leads to the residents having to live in very dangerous conditions that infringe on their rights. Many staff members are often not screened properly either and this leads to them carrying out serious sexual and physical abuse on the residents.

How can nursing home abuse be detected in Chicago, Illinois?

Like in so many other cases of abuse, nursing home residents may often refrain from speaking out against anyone who has caused them a significant amount of harm, whether it was a staff member or fellow resident. Concerned family members who suspect neglect and abuse can verify their doubts by looking out for warning signs such as bedsores, recurrent infections, bruises, unexpected weight loss, and refusal of the elder to take their medication.

The nursing home resident themselves, their legal guardian, or their legal representative can all take action to stop the abuse from continuing. If a person suspects their loved one is not being taken care of properly, they should reach out to a nursing home abuse lawyer at Dinizulu Law Group as soon as possible so they can get assistance with filing their claim against the home or the staff members who caused them harm.

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