Nursing home abuse can occur in several forms. Patients mistreat other patients. Staff members sometimes neglect or abuse patients they are expected to be “caring for,” and the facility itself may neglect to provide adequate care for the patients it is housing. The fact is, nursing home abuse occurs far too often, and many times, facilities try and cover up their mistakes to save themselves. In a recent lawsuit that has been filed, two social workers are calling out Bria of River Oaks for doing just this.

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In the event you have a family member who you believe is being mistreated, neglected, or abused in a nursing home in Illinois, contact Dinizulu Law Group, Ltd. today where you will be paired up with a Chicago nursing home abuse attorney who can further assist you with your matter. No person should be subjected to such conditions, especially those who are physically or mentally unable to care for themselves. 

Although the spokesman for Bria of River Oaks is claiming these allegations made by Kenneth Allen and Olufunmibi Ogunyipe are false, there are records identifying that the facility has had a history of violence occur. The two social workers have taken their lawsuit to the Cook County Circuit Court where they have provided details that are leading this investigation.

Bria of River Oaks, once known as Burnham Healthcare, holds 309 beds and serves “geriatric and bed-bound patients alongside younger adults with mental illness, substance abusers and convicted felons” according to Chicago Tribune. Allen and Ogunyipe claim the facility was rather dangerous and had no structure to it. They also stated that administrators made attempts to mislead state inspectors as they were asked to fabricate some of the patient’s files who just so happen to have incurred an injury while there.

Some of the accusations the two former workers included in their lawsuit are provided below.

  • Back in 2012, Allen was asked by a supervisor to falsify a medical chart of a female patient who had been hospitalized due to facial bruising and black eyes. Allen stated that he believed she had been beaten by a fellow resident, but was informed to note that she had fallen down. After a state inspection report was retrieved, it showed the “facility failed to properly investigate her family’s complaint that she was assaulted.”
  • Another allegation Allen included in his lawsuit was that his document identifying a resident’s rape complaint was ripped out of the medical file. “The state health department inspection concluded the facility had failed to thoroughly investigate the sexual assault allegation and to notify authorities.”

Based on the provided data from this nursing home abuse lawsuit in Illinois, one can only imagine the suffering some of these patients have to endure. This is why it is crucial for any family member to always be cognizant of what is going on inside these facilities. And should you be left under the impression that abuse or mistreatment is going on, speak with the Chicago, Illinois nursing home abuse lawyers at the Dinizulu Law group today.