Many aging individuals turn to nursing homes not only after realizing they can no longer live alone and take care of themselves but also after they have undergone a surgical procedure and need around the clock care. While there are some nursing homes that are able to provide your loved one with the care and attention they need during their time of recovery, there are others you need to be leery of as they could potentially put your loved one’s health and safety at risk, something they simply cannot afford after having gone through surgery at this stage in their life.


How to choose the best nursing home in Cedar Rapids, IA for a family member who needs short-term rehabilitation?


While there are many areas you are going to want to assess when choosing a nursing home for your loved one to temporarily stay at, two important areas you are going to want to thoroughly assess include:


  1. Staff


You want to be sure the people who are caring for and tending to your loved one are qualified and willing to provide for them in the manner they need and require. Therefore, consider using Medicare’s checklist when assessing the staff at the facilities you are considering. Some of the things included on this checklist are listed down below.


  • Do staff members knock on a resident’s door before entering or walk in without permission?
  • Do the staff members refer to residents by name?
  • Does the nursing home offer its staff members training and continuing education programs for them to participate in?
  • Do Certified Nurse Aides (CNA) help plan the type of care residents need?
  • How many nurses, CNAs, and other staff members are available to tend to the residents during the week, at night, and on the weekends?
  • Will the staff call my loved one’s doctor right away if they have a medical need?
  • What is the facility’s turnover rate?


  1. Safety and Care


Another area that deserves a significant amount of attention is safety and care. Some things Medicare recommends you assess when searching for a nursing home in Cedar Rapids, IA include:


  • What the facility’s rating is on
  • Has the facility taken any sort of action to improve quality or staffing as needed?
  • Are residents allowed to see their personal doctors?
  • What type of arrangement does the nursing home have with the nearby hospital?
  • Does the facility schedule care plan meetings with residents and their family members? If so, when?
  • What deficiencies, if any, were recorded on the home’s most recent inspection report?


Many families often turn to nursing homes after their elderly family member has undergone surgery so they are able to get the care and attention they need while they recover. If you and your family are considering moving your relative into a nursing home in Cedar Rapids, IA temporarily so their personal needs can be met, visit to obtain a copy of the checklist the agency recommends you use when visiting potential homes.

In the event you have a concern regarding a facility or recently moved a family member into one and think they are being mistreated, you can always contact a Cedar Rapids, IA nursing home abuse lawyer for legal advice. In fact, the nursing home abuse lawyers at Eells & Tronvold Law Offices, P.L.C. are available now if you would like to discuss your issue or if you would like help finding a nursing home in Cedar Rapids that would be suitable for your loved one to move into.


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