Senior communities in Boca Raton, Florida had made upgrades in preparation for Hurricane Isaias and the rest of the hurricane season to avoid the possibility of elderly residents getting injured or dying during a power outage. 

Residences upgrade emergency power to avoid neglect

The Sinai Residences was one such facility that upgraded and tested their generator systems just before the storm came. Six custom made generators that have 3400 watts of output would be ready for potential power outages due to severe weather. The entire project actually took 18 months, and the ownership of the facility had to spend over $4 million to get the generator and related upgrades ready. 

Governor Rick Scott had made regulations related to nursing home power sources more strict, as Hurricane Irma caused outages around the state which caused elderly people to die of heat stroke. He passed a directive that required all facilities in the state to have functional generators, and state inspectors were trained to look for them during routine inspections. The immediate reason for the directive was a home in Hollywood, Florida that lost power in 2017 after Hurricane Irma went through the area. Twelve people died in the following days at that home as they waited for power to be restored and there was no functional air conditioning. There was no backup generator present at that home at the time, which made the situation much worse.

Other facilities such as the Sinai Residences were sure to take these kinds of precautions seriously. They developed a detailed outage plan for management and employees, in addition to physically installing the necessary equipment. A spokesperson with the home said that they are committed to keeping the elevators functional and minimizing disruptions to service if an outage should occur. Portions of the home that control emergency lighting, cooking and food preparation, air conditioning, and communication systems will be fully functional. Management claims that residents should not even notice an outage with the new generators in place. 

How does nursing home abuse happen? 

Whether due to technical failures or staffing shortages, it is common for elderly people who are under the care of a nursing home to develop health issues and other serious problems. Staff members at the home often do not take proper precautions, and there are times when they intentionally harm the elderly. Any of these problems can become the basis for a civil lawsuit.  

Get assistance with nursing home abuse and neglect

Some lawyers focus exclusively on nursing home issues and helping family members after a relative has fallen ill or died while under the care of a facility. If you need to speak with a local nursing home abuse attorney, contact:

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