Relatives who require long-term care are often very vulnerable to facing neglect and abuse. Not only do they require continuous medical attention, and constant help with their day to day activities, but they also often have the tendency to forget the incidents which they are exposed to daily. This combination of dependency and forgetfulness often breeds the perfect grounds for the management of their facility to abuse them. Since elderly residents will most likely not be able to speak up regarding the abuse they are facing, whether it is because they fear not getting the help they need or because they have simply forgotten what happened with them, it is up to the family members to keep a close eye on their loved one.

If a person suspects that their family member is being abused by the nursing home which they reside in, they should get in touch with a nursing home lawyer in Boca Raton, Florida, as soon as possible in order to get more insight on the legal action they are allowed to take against the facility. In many cases, residents even pass away because of the extreme amount of abuse and neglect they face. In order to hold the long-term care facility legally responsible for their unacceptable behavior, it is vital that a person provides solid proof that the abuse occurred.

Some forms of evidence a person can collect include:

  • Video footage of abuse or neglect
  • Audio recordings of verbal abuse
  • Pictures of unhygienic living conditions
  • Medical reports and records proving poor nutrition or missed medication
  • Eyewitness testimonies

Gathering the correct evidence can be tricky on one’s own. A legal representative will be able to help a person lead a legal investigation into the facility so the professionals can evaluate the scenario and get the necessary pieces of evidence.

Can I try to collect the evidence on my own?

If a person tries to collect the evidence on their own, they will most likely find it very difficult. An attorney has all the right connections and knows the legal avenues to pursue in order to gain access to the appropriate health records and nursing home records which can be used as evidence in court. If it is determined that the nursing home is guilty of neglect and abuse and that a person’s elderly relative passed away because of their mistreatment then the family members can even be given hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in compensation.

Death is irreversible and the permanent loss of a loved one can be very hard to shoulder. Many individuals may find themselves sinking into depression and they may also find that they are not able to return to their previous jobs or enjoy the quality of their life which they were living before. Though death is a normal occurrence in life, it becomes a lot more painful to deal with when a person knows that their loved one should be enjoying more years of their life, but they passed early because of the abuse and mistreatment which they were subjected to.

Calling an attorney is the first step a person can take in order to get some form of relief and justice for their loss.