When a nursing home experiences any kind of infection that spreads through the staff and patients, the results are often disastrous. The pandemic of 2020 highlighted this serious problem while states around the country took various measures to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.  

News for Boca Raton, Florida reported that coronavirus cases in nursing homes were still increasing, despite measures that have been taken over the last few months. 

Department of Health is concerned that a long list of facilities have recorded fatalities

There are several homes in Palm Beach County that have experienced multiple deaths. The Florida Department of Health has already announced that this will be their primary area of focus for the entire state, as the population inside is the most vulnerable group during the pandemic. Governor DeSantis has also commented on his scrutiny of nursing homes and protecting the elderly in the state during numerous press conferences. 

Arbor Oaks at Greenacres recorded ten deaths related to COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic, which is the most for the entire region. Two other homes in Boca Raton, one called Boulevard Rehabilitation, and the other Stratford Court, have each reported nine deaths. Going further down the list both Regents Park Nursing and Rehab and Sonata Boynton Beach are facilities that reported eight deaths. There are approximately twenty other nursing homes in Palm Beach County that reported between one and seven deaths since they began tracking COVID-19 fatalities in March. Most of the facilities at the bottom of the list only had one death attributed to the virus.

Why do nursing homes have such serious problems with infections?

Issues at nursing homes have gained national attention since the pandemic struck the United States in the Spring of 2020, but these facilities have had problems for many years. Nursing homes often have trouble with high rates of staff turnover, which can lead to inadequate training and workers who cannot handle situations that they find themselves in on a daily basis. This ultimately ends up affecting the patients who receive low quality care and become exposed to infections and neglect

Intentional misconduct in nursing homes

On some occasions, there are people who illegally gain access to facilities to steal from or physically harm the residents inside. While the individuals who are caught doing this will be prosecuted, many elderly people are not in the state of mind to accurately recollect or report on what happened, which is why they become targets. The home is ultimately responsible for these incidents as well.  

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