Local news for south Florida reported that many nursing homes in the Boca Raton area do not have enough masks and protective equipment, causing concerns about the spread of coronavirus. 

Many nursing homes were not equipped to handle pandemic

Statistics compiled by the state show that about one in five nursing homes in the south Florida metro area did not have enough protective equipment, including gloves, masks, and gowns. This is especially concerning in Florida, as there is a large population of elderly, retired individuals, and patients housed in nursing homes. Some of the homes reported that they have absolutely no masks or gowns at all.

Florida reported a majority of its coronavirus cases and deaths inside the confines or nursing homes and among individuals who were aged 85 and older. There were a number of healthcare workers who had been warning that there would be shortages of necessary equipment for months before the shortage actually happened. 

There is a statewide agency that regulates nursing homes called The Agency for HealthCare Administration. They require homes to provide daily lists of their shortages of supplies and report them to the Florida Division of Emergency Management. This emergency response has included attempts to buy large quantities of supplies from other states and countries as necessary. The state has generally avoided discussing shortages, or acted as if their efforts have been sufficient despite concerns. The emergency management director claims that there are already 10 million masks in reserve throughout the state, although no other sources have confirmed this claim and many homes reported the shortages despite this statement. 

Supplies may be even harder to come by as Florida entered hurricane season and stock levels for masks and gowns are lower than the national average. Governor DeSantis said in a press conference in Orlando that the state was still making efforts and spending millions of dollars to ensure that there are no supply shortages throughout the duration of the hurricane season. The governor had also defended his decision to loosen social distancing requirements and reopen much of the state by saying that most Floridians are at low risk for catching the virus or becoming seriously sick. 

A nursing home’s job is to keep patients safe and healthy

Nursing homes have a responsibility to prevent the spread of viruses, diseases, and infections that can easily make residents sick. If a home is negligent in protecting those who are under their care, they can be sued for damages related to the victim’s treatment costs including hospitalization. 

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