When nursing home residents get exposed to any kind of infection or virus, the results can quickly become disastrous. This situation becomes even worse during a national public health emergency related to a contagious disease.

A nursing home in Lauderhill, Florida saw a number of deaths in just a week during the coronavirus pandemic.

South Florida nursing home becomes a coronavirus concern

Eleven deaths were recorded at the Lauderhill facility in one week during May of 2020. This caused alarm among local administrators and staff at the home as they rushed to prevent even more deaths and infections. 

The home, called Nspire Healthcare, was named in the weekly report issued by the state showing coronavirus deaths. Nspire declined to comment on the reports of infections and deaths. Records show that at least 52 residents and 22 staff members had tested positive for the virus at the time that the death rate was published, despite safety protocols in place. Considering the contagious nature of the outbreak and the vulnerability of elderly and sick nursing home residents, health officials urged the administrators of the facility to take action quickly. Eleven of the positive residents were transported to other local facilities as a safety precaution. 

The state’s Agency for Healthcare Administration confirmed that the facility is licensed to have a total of 109 beds, and that none of the staff members died or became seriously ill. Nspire Healthcare operates a few other similar facilities in South Florida, with others located in Miami Dade County in Miami Lakes and Kendall. Another Broward County location is in Plantation. 

At the time of the news report, just under 900 coronavirus deaths had happened in nursing homes in Florida, which accounts for about half of the virus related fatalities in the state. Governor DeSantis and the state’s Surgeon General advised all nursing homes and assisted living facilities to adopt their own thorough and strict testing guidelines for anyone entering or remaining on their properties. The state also started to transfer residents out or nursing homes in large numbers if they had tested positive to avoid further spreading to the local population. 

Lauderhill is located southwest of Boca Raton in Broward County. South Florida had been hit much harder by the virus than many other parts of the state. The Miami metro area of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami Dade Counties accounted for hundreds of coronavirus deaths and many thousand cases. There are about 150,000 nursing home residents and 200,000 nursing home workers in Florida. 

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