A man was killed in a nursing home in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Local man in Florida is killed while staying at a nursing home

The suspect who police spoke with said that the man who was murdered had destroyed his life. The incident happened in a treasure coast nursing home called Tiffany Hall. These statements were part of an affidavit for a warrant that was obtained by the local news. 

The 95 year old victim was killed in his bed inside of the facility in January of 2020. The man who made those incriminating statements was arrested in early February. There was apparently also a recorded confession where the suspect had said that the victim had written a book that portrayed him in an unfavorable light. This happened several years earlier, and the victim had been planning the murder ever since the book was published. The affidavit also noted that the suspect had specifically told his sister that the victim was responsible for his personal situation, various bad things that had happened, and that he needed to “take care of it himself.”

The suspect also described how he entered the facility, snuck past the nurses, and into the victim’s room to cause his death by suffocation. He also answered a direct question from his sister confirming that he killed the victim with a pillow over the face. The suspect had apparently resorted to suffocation after his plan to inject chemicals into his feeding tube did not work, because the victim noticed him and resisted. Apparently the two got into a physical altercation during the suspect’s murder plan, and suffocation was used as a last resort as they fought.  

The suspect confessed to his sister that he did not feel remorseful, and felt as if he had accomplished a goal. 

St. Lucie County is north of Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. The suspect was being held in the county jail at the time of the news report.

Abuse and harm to residents in a facility

Nursing homes have a legal duty to keep their residents safe from various forms of harm. Sometimes the staff is negligent and makes mistakes, while there are other times that people come from outside of the facility to prey upon the vulnerable individuals inside. In either case, the facility may be held responsible for not ensuring the safety of its patients. Nursing homes are routinely sued due to injuries, abuse, neglect, infections, and other problems that occur inside of their buildings. An attorney who focuses on this area can speak with you about your situation. 

Learn about lawsuits against nursing homes

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