Louisiana had serious problems handling the coronavirus outbreak statewide, but nursing homes seemed to have the most issues. The Louisiana Department of Health released statistics showing that the coronavirus outbreak was still affecting nursing homes in the state well into June of 2020.

Nursing homes in Louisiana were still dealing with coronavirus hotspots

The most recent weekly update published at the time of the news report showed 265 total new cases in these facilities in a seven day span, which included 39 cases in just one nursing home in East Baton Rouge. 

The reports contain statistics for infected residents in the homes, staff members, and deaths that were confirmed since the prior week. The large cluster in East Baton Rouge was found in a facility called The Colonial Care Retirement Center. 

There was some positive news related to the overall progression and status of the pandemic, as Iberia, St. Martin, St. Mary parishes, and the Teche area all reported no new infections. Belle Tech Rehab and Nursing Center reported that everyone who had previously been diagnosed as COVID-19 positive has made a full recovery. Legacy Nursing and Rehabilitation in Morgan City, St. Mary Parish was another facility that reported no new infections at all for several weeks. 

The state has taken some criticism for simply reporting overall totals through the department of health instead of more specific information about where outbreaks are occurring. This new policy change took effect in April of 2020. 

Despite increases in cases, hospitalizations and deaths in Louisiana have continued to decline in the months since the pandemic began. Nursing homes still remained on high alert due to the possibility of a second wave of coronavirus or an unchecked outbreak sweeping through a facility and causing dozens of infections in days. 

The group most affected by the virus has been those aged 70 or older, as well as those with underlying conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and cardiac problems. 

Viral outbreaks in nursing homes

Any facility that cares for the elderly and infirm is supposed to take precautions to make sure that infections or diseases do not spread. If they violate this duty of care, they may be subjected to a number of measures, including civil lawsuits. When a patient dies under their care, they can be served with a wrongful death lawsuit. This type of case will pay the victim’s family for expenses related to their funeral and burial, along with non-economic compensation for emotional pain and suffering.

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