Some people in the Baton Rouge area had started a program to protect nursing home residents and other vulnerable elderly people from the coronavirus by handing out masks and protective gear in their communities. 

Two elderly women organize an effort to get protective equipment for nursing homes

The effort was made as a response to the fact that many elderly people and healthcare workers did not have enough masks and other safety equipment, despite their vulnerability to the coronavirus. 

Two women who are neighbors at the St. James Place retirement home in Baton Rouge partnered together to distribute necessary materials to people in nursing homes and elsewhere. They have been responsible for the delivery of over 3700 masks to various facilities. 

They told the local news that they were concerned how many elderly people were being isolated in nursing homes from the rest of the population. Some of them had not seen their family members in person for months. One of the 83 year old volunteers commented that nursing home residents have essentially been forgotten by the public as a whole. Many elderly people in these facilities are disconnected from the outside world, and their families are not allowed to see them if they do have to go to a hospital because of pandemic restrictions and concerns about new cases. 

From their discussions with local residents in nursing homes, they believe that most of them are very stressed and scared due to the pandemic. Many are aware of their vulnerability and mortality, even considering the fact that they might die. 

At the time St. James Place originally closed down to the general public in March, only the employees had masks and protective equipment. The residents did not and they were left on their own if they wanted to obtain it. A Baptist church in the area was contacted first, and they were able to provide about 50 masks, but could not find any others at the time. The two organizers eventually made some phone calls and secured enough for their entire community. After this effort, they decided to keep going and assisted thousands of people in other communities as well.  

The dangers of being in a home during the pandemic

Nursing homes received a lot of attention during the coronavirus pandemic due to the fact that people living in these facilities were extremely vulnerable. As this effort shows, both the staff members and residents were unprepared for the massive effort needed to keep themselves safe. Despite the positive nature of this story, there were many facilities that were not so lucky and people got very sick or died in their nursing homes.

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