Has Your Loved One Suffered Abuse or Negligence at a Nursing Home in Arkansas?

Nursing home abuse is something which occurs a lot more commonly than one would imagine. It sounds absurd that people would abuse elderly, helpless nursing home residents, but unfortunately it is pretty rampant and Arkansas is no exception.

If you think about it nursing home residents are frail, elderly, sick, helpless patients and that makes them almost the perfect victim and they are thus abused by staff members of nursing homes. Please note that we are not implying that all nurses and other staff members of a nursing home are guilty of abuse. Not every one of them is unethical. Most are cordial and hardworking and entered this profession with altruistic purposes and to help others out when they have trouble doing so themselves.

But there is a few that give this profession a bad name in some circles.

Of course the majority of them are selfless individuals who care for and show unconditional love to old people which really is admirable as just stated. However and to continue the point that was mentioned before, some of them do take advantage of nursing home residents and often this is in the form of nursing home abuse.

Nursing home abuse has many ugly faces. There are several types of nursing home abuse, namely:

Physical abuse – This is where the patient is physically handled, which can include pushing, shoving, beating, etc.

Unlawfully restrained – As per Arkansas state laws, some of the restraining devices which were used in the past have now been deemed illegal to use. Yet the reality remains that their use is still condoned in some nursing homes and this constitutes nursing home abuse.

Sexual abuse – Being sexually abused by other residents or a nursing home staff member is also obviously regarded as nursing home abuse.

Financial abuse – It is not uncommon for the abuser to try and financially exploit elderly nursing homes residents by making them forcibly pay, or in some cases, even forge checks, etc.

Medication – The administration of incorrect medication and incorrect dosages are among the most common types of abuse. Medication not being administered as prescribed or the prescribing of wrong medication also constitutes nursing home abuse and possibly even medical malpractice.

Injuries obtained by the resident trying to escape – Many nursing home residents especially those suffering from dementia, try and escape from the facility and injure themselves in the process. The nursing home is responsible to monitor them and ensure such attempts do not take place. Failure to do so on part of the nursing home can be deemed as nursing home abuse.

Signs of nursing home abuse

There are often telltale signs of nursing home abuse that relatives of the victim can pick up on when they visit their elderly loved one. Some common signs are:

  • Unexplained injuries
  • Bedsores
  • Sudden change in attitude or aversion to any social interaction
  • Sudden and unexplained weight gain or weight loss

One or more of these signs can indicate that the resident has been or is being abused and it would be best to seek legal counsel right away at this point. Your search for the best nursing home lawyer in Arkansas ends right here. Get on USAttorneys.com and make this happen with our interactive map.

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