Our Arizona Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Can Help

According to Arizona’s leading nursing home abuse lawyers who can be found on the golden USAttorneys.com website which helps countless people every week even the score and get their lives back on track, when it comes to nursing home abuse, there are some tell-tale signs by which one can determine that a resident is being abused and can act quickly so that the resident does not suffer any more.

Symptoms may be picked up during visitations. Some of the most common signs are as follows:

  • Wounds, bruises, and other injuries which are not explained
  • The appearance of bed sores or pressure sores at pressure points due to lack of movement
  • Hospitalization for a fracture or an injury
  • A sudden change in attitude and becoming reserved
  • Squalid personal quarters
  • Inexplicable changes in mood or behavior, such as expressions of anxiety or fear
  • Aversion to being left alone

The domain of nursing home abuse

We are well versed with the nursing home laws in Arizona and know exactly what it takes to successfully file a lawsuit against a nursing home and hold them liable for the damages and ensure that they pay their victims each and every penny of what is deserved. Our team of attorneys handles all sorts of cases which may come under the domain of nursing home abuse such as:

  • falls as a result of use of improper restraint
  • negligent staff or nurses
  • bed sores/decubitus ulcers
  • malnutrition/dehydration
  • untreated infection
  • injuries which were inflicted when the patient attempted to elope as a result of lack of monitoring or security
  • physical nursing home abuse
  • sexual nursing home abuse
  • financial nursing home abuse
  • social nursing home abuse – where the patient is isolated or not allowed to participate in the social activities of their choice
  • Burns caused due to negligence of staff
  • Improper medication – not administered, wrong dose administered, wrong medication prescribed/administered, medication administered at the wrong time
  • wrongful death due to neglect or substandard care

The fact is that as family members of a nursing home resident, we have put our loved ones in such a facility because that it what we believe is best for them in terms of care, medication, and maintaining and even improving their social life. We put our trust in nursing home centers and we are promised a better quality of life for our loved one. However, sadly, nursing home abuse is a problem in Arizona and in many other states all across the US.

Our legal pros carry some immense knowledge, skill, and expertise in the field which enables them to represent helpless victims of nursing home abuse. Such victims are usually frail, elderly people who are helpless. Furthermore, legal representatives also represents relatives or families who have lost a loved one due to negligence on behalf of a nursing home or its staff.

If you believe your loved one is a victim of abuse, you can call up a legal pro using our stellar interactive map on USAttorneys.com.

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