People who reside in nursing homes are especially vulnerable during emergencies and disasters such as fires and severe weather. The patients are not able to take care of themselves, and they are dependent on the nursing home staff to make the right choices during these crucial times, otherwise they can face severe consequences, including death. This is why all facilities that provide services and care to the elderly are regulated by the government in order to ensure safety.

Nursing home residents in the Annapolis area endured a dangerous situation when a nursing home fire broke out, and two of the patients sustained injuries.

Nursing home catches on fire, resulting in injuries and relocation

The incident began when firefighters responded to an emergency call at the home at about 2 pm on the 4600 block of Falls Road near Baltimore. When they entered the building, there was no visible fire or smoke in the air, but upon reaching the second floor the entire area was completely covered in smoke. They believe the sprinkler system on that floor was able to contain the blaze to one area.

The first two floors were entirely evacuated and the third floor residents of the home were told to stay in place while the fire was being kept under control. Two of the nursing home’s residents were transported to a local hospital with injuries, and one police officer on the scene had to be treated for smoke inhalation. The severity of the injuries is unknown.

Many nursing home residents, especially those who lived on the second floor, will have to be temporarily relocated. The fire department is investigating the exact cause of the fire, which was still unknown at the time of the news report.

What is a nursing home required to do in this kind of a situation?

While the nursing home and its staff may not be directly responsible for this fire, they still do have a duty to protect those under their care. If residents at the home sustained injuries due to the fault of the home and its administration, it is possible to file a civil lawsuit so that the victims can be compensated for any harms extending from a fire or other similar emergencies. Local and federal regulations require nursing homes to have plans in place to keep people safe during a disaster, regardless of the cause.

How do lawsuits against nursing homes work?

If a nursing home employee or anyone in the administration has not followed relevant procedures to protect patients from injuries, or if any employee intentionally abuses a resident, a lawyer can file a civil lawsuit on behalf of the victim. These kinds of lawsuits ask for an amount of money from the defendant relative to the harm they have caused. This amount is called damages, and it is the most important element of a civil case because because it determines the total value of the lawsuit.

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