There are several factors that will cause a nursing home to lose its license in the state of Louisiana. As a general rule, assisted living facilities and nursing homes are supposed to keep their residents safe from various kinds of harm. This can include physical abuse from staff members or illnesses caused by viral outbreaks. When they fail to meet these obligations, state administrations have a number of different powers they can use to reduce or eliminate problematic behavior. 

Government requirements to maintain a license

According to Health Services Research about nursing home licensure, these services are largely funded by taxpayer money through programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Over $100 billion of taxpayer funding for these programs goes into the operation and maintenance of nursing homes through the Medicare and Medicare budgets. Therefore, there is a strong public interest in ensuring that these funds are used appropriately and maintaining government oversight of problems like abuse and neglect. Facilities are often sanctioned for a number of different problems, but it is rare that they will lose their ability to operate altogether by having their funding terminated by the government. 

Regulations that can suspend or end funding

State regulators have a powerful tool available, where they can suspend a facility’s funding entirely if there is neglect or other problems with the standard duties and administrative procedures that should be carried out inside a nursing home. This often is done by limiting or stopping funding from the government’s Medicare program. Some facilities will be sold to a new owner or company when it becomes obvious that they cannot operate under a previous failing model that has caused funding to be suspended. 

If a patient has died in a facility, this is a serious matter that requires extensive investigation in most cases. Government regulators will look into these fatalities and make a number of different determinations. In some cases, the homes will face civil penalties and fines, or even criminal charges against the employees or administrators who are directly responsible. Unfortunately for abused patients and their families, certain healthcare lobbies invest time and effort into defending the actions of problematic homes. In these situations, there is always the possibility of getting your attorney to file a wrongful death case against the home on the behalf of the deceased person. 

Attorneys in the Baton Rouge area focus their efforts on cases against nursing homes

You can speak with local lawyers about the possibility of filing a civil case against a nursing home that abused or neglected a family member. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that utilizes their expertise to assist clients who need to sue nursing homes in Louisiana. 

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