Iowa City, IA – The unfortunate reality for patients staying in nursing homes is that there are likely to be problems with neglect, mistreatment, and various administrative issues at the facility. Because of these common problems, nursing homes are often sued for negligence or intentional acts of harm. After an issue, legal assistance from an experienced lawyer who has a background in nursing home cases is crucial for victims who want to maximize their amount of compensation and chances of success.

Injuries that may have been caused by improper care

When a person in a nursing home has a seemingly normal accident such as a fall or physical injury, it may not be obvious that the facility was negligent in a number of different ways. The facility has a standard duty of care to keep areas clear of obstacles, clean to prevent illness and infections, and ensure that staff members are trained properly to care for elderly individuals with health problems. A violation of this duty of care can become grounds for a negligence lawsuit against the facility and its administration. 

Indicators of injuries

There are a few different things that family members can look for when visiting to detect whether neglect may be an issue or their relative may have been harmed. If the person has a poor physical appearance that may include a lack of proper hygiene, malnourishment or weight loss, and dirty clothing, they are likely not receiving the appropriate level of care. When an elderly person is experiencing psychological problems tied to an injury, they may be socially withdrawn, have mood swings, or avoid certain people and situations associated with the injury, including certain staff members at the home. The victim may also feel intimidated by certain workers in the home and afraid to discuss their injuries. 

Negligence cases

Almost all personal injury cases in Iowa and other states are filed under the law of negligence. To prove that a nursing home or any other defendant was negligent, the plaintiff must show a standard duty of care, breach of the duty of care, actual and proximate causation, and damages. The damages are the amount of monetary losses that are tied to the person’s injury. A consultation with a lawyer is the best way to determine the specific amount of damages for any injury case. 

Attorneys are available to help after any kind of injury

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is a firm that handles accident and injury cases for local clients throughout the state of Iowa. The attorneys at the firm are licensed and in good standing to practice, which means that clients will receive high quality professional help. 

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