5 Warning Signs that Indicate Your Loved One is Receiving Bad Care in the Nursing Home They Live in

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Not sure if your elderly loved one is receiving the care you expect in the nursing home they are currently living in? Below we are highlighting some warning signs of bad care that can help you determine whether or not your loved one is receiving the quality care they deserve.


  1. You see emotional or physical changes. Although not all bumps and bruises are a sign that your mom or dad is being physically abused, you can keep an eye out for bruises that cannot be explained. You also want to look for pressure ulcers or skin tears in places that aren’t regularly visible. Also, if your elderly relative is less able to function, has refrained from taking part in activities, or has become withdrawn or uncommunicative, U.S. News points out that you can talk with staff or stop by unexpectedly to continue observing them and see if they are in fact being mistreated.


  1. Your questions go unanswered or are deflected. If the staff members are constantly telling you that they don’t have an answer to your question but will try and find the answer out, this may be one red flag. If a loved one is losing weight and you ask what the plan is to help get them back on track, the nurse or staff member should have an answer. If you find they don’t, this will serve as yet another red flag that your relative is not being provided the best care.


  1. There is a high staff turnover rate. If you are seeing that the facility in which your loved one is living in is “constantly training new staff to the point that no one on the staff knows your loved one, it is time to look for a new nursing home,” says Amy Jo Haavisto Kind who is an assistant professor in geriatrics at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.


  1. You see unanswered call lights and hear phones constantly ringing. If patients are buzzing for their nurses to come and their requests aren’t being answered in a timely manner, this might be an indicator that your loved one’s needs and concerns aren’t being addressed right away. For example, if your mom or dad needs help going to the restroom and are unable to wait for a staff member to come and assist them, they might attempt to go on their own, heightening their risk of falling. And as you know, when someone of an older age falls, they sometimes never bounce back from the injury.

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    Frequent visits to the nursing home your loved one is living in can help reduce the chances of them being abused or neglected as the staff is aware you are monitoring your relative.


  1. Dehydration and malnourishment. Dehydration is one of the most commonly witnessed signs of neglect in nursing homes. If a facility is low on staff or not taking the time to ensure your loved one is being fed and hydrated properly, Kind suggests you act immediately.


One of the best ways to help identify and prevent elder abuse when a family member is living in a nursing home facility is by visiting them frequently and monitoring their behavior and condition.

In the event your loved one lives in a facility in Atlanta, GA and you suspect something isn’t right or have proof that shows they are being abused or neglected, consider contacting a nursing home abuse lawyer in Atlanta now. If you need help locating a professional, USAttorneys.com is ready to assist you.

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