Don’t Be A Victim Of Nursing Home Abuse

As we get older, we tend to need more attention from our loved ones, whether it is to give us a helping hand around the house or to assist with medical needs. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible for all families to be around their elderly loved ones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and so they turn to what they believe are qualified nursing care professionals to provide round-the-clock medical assistance.  They think they are entrusting the care of their elderly loved ones to trained, experienced and caring professionals at nursing homes or assisted living facilities, but sometimes, what happens behind the closed doors of a nursing home is far from the gentle care we expect.

Nursing home abuse is prevalent in every state in the United States, and sadly, not all families become aware of it.  There are nearly 2 million Americans who are living in care facilities, but out of all the care centers that are operating at this very moment, it is estimated that roughly 30% are engaging in some form of abuse or negligent treatment of residents. Whether the care provider fails to provide the elderly resident with their proper medicine, covers up an accident, is verbally abusive, or is physically mistreating the resident themselves, nursing home abuse  is considered a form of personal injury, and anyone who has been victimized is entitled to seek legal help.

But what about patients who can’t speak for themselves or defend themselves against the abusers? When the unthinkable occurs, what can we do to help our loved ones and seek justice for the pain and suffering they have endured?

If you suspect your elderly loved one has been verbally, mentally or physically hurt by a nursing care specialist, it’s time to find an experienced nursing home abuse attorney to assist you in protecting you and your loved ones’ rights and ensuring those who are responsible for the mistreatment are held liable for their actions. is committed to helping you retain top nursing home abuse attorneys in your area that you can trust will provide you with the expert legal counsel you deserve.  It can be difficult to find the ideal legal representative who will meet your needs, and with the stress and pain you are already dealing with from the nursing facility incidents, you may not have the time to browse through endless lawyers who claim to be the best.  That’s where we come in to make things easier for you.

Our site features links to only the most reputable and trusted nursing home abuse lawyers who will represent your case with passion and integrity. Nursing home abuse and neglect involves the failure of a caretaker or medical professional to provide reasonable care. If you know of or suspect the following incidents have occurred, turn to one of our featured lawyers right away for assistance:

  • Verbal abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Medication errors
  • Maintaining an unsafe environment
  • Failure to provide adequate nutrition
  • Failure to offer medical attention
  • Failure to assist with bathing/bathroom necessities
  • Failure to offer proper shelter
  • Wrongful death

Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

If you have not witnessed neglect or abuse for yourself but suspect your elderly loved one may be suffering, there are some warning signs you can watch for that may indicate abusive treatment. Turn to one of our nursing home abuse lawyers if you notice any of the following signs of possible negligence or wrongdoing:

  • Unsanitary conditions at the nursing facility
  • Unusual or sudden changes in the behavior of your loved one (agitation, rocking, tremors, anxiety attacks)
  • Resident is fearful of staff
  • Resident is hesitant to speak in front of staff
  • Unexplained injuries, wounds or bruises
  • Infections or frequent illness
  • Dehydration
  • Malnutrition (rapid weight loss or gain)
  • Bed sores or ulcers
  • Unexplained or unexpected death

Don’t hesitate for a moment to solicit help from a nursing home attorney if you suspect staff at the facility of mistreating your elderly loved one. Contact one of our featured lawyers today to schedule a consultation and protect your loved one from harm.