Has Your Loved One Been Mistreated at a Nursing Facility?
Our Tennessee Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys are on Your Side

No one ever thinks their elderly loved one will be subjected to any kind of mistreatment while living at a nursing care facility, but in truth, nursing home abuse is prevalent across Tennessee nursing homes. According to statistics, in 2007 alone, 273 incidents of elderly abuse at Tennessee nursing homes were reported, but this is only the number of incidents that have been brought to light. Dozens of other residents are suffering right now at the hands of a negligent or abusive facility worker, another resident or even a visitor, but there is something you can do to stop it.

The victims of elderly abuse and their loved ones have the right to turn to a Tennessee nursing home abuse lawyer and we are here to help you connect with some of the best attorneys in town. Our site features access to experienced and dedicated lawyers who will take on your case and make sure those responsible for the mistreatment are held responsible for their actions.


When to Contact an Attorney

Not all incidents of nursing home abuse are obvious. There are victims that are unable to voice their concerns either because of a disability or because they have been threatened by their abuser into keeping quiet. However, there are certain signs to watch for that can indicate negligence or abuse has occurred.

If you have seen any of the following signs, it’s time to contact a Tennessee nursing home abuse lawyer immediately:

  • Strange change in behavior
  • Bed sores or ulcers
  • Torn clothing
  • Rapid weight gain or weight loss
  • Unexplained injuries
  • Unexplained or sudden death

The sooner you contact an attorney, the faster you can put an end to the abuse.  Your family may be eligible to receive compensation. Turn to one of our elite elderly abuse attorneys in Tennessee today to discuss your rights and get started on your claim.