Has Your Loved One Been Mistreated at a Nursing Facility Oregon?
Our Oregon Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Can Help

We entrust the care of our elderly loved ones to nursing home facilities thinking they will protect and assist them in their time of need. Unfortunately, what really goes on behind the closed doors of a nursing home is often unimaginable. Verbal, emotional and physical abuse frequently occur at Oregon nursing homes while other times, elderly residents are subjected to negligent treatment, denied of their rightful medication and care. In 2012, the 137 nursing homes across the Oregon received a total of 79 complaints of elderly abuse. This doesn’t even represent the number of incidents that are going on that do not get reported.

Far too many incidents involving physical or psychological abuse of the elderly at a nursing center in Oregon are transpiring, but there is something you can do to put an end to it. If you suspect your loved one was harmed by a nursing home worker, another resident or a visitor, you have the right to turn to an Oregon nursing home abuse lawyer to file a case and make sure those responsible for the cruel treatment get what they deserve.

Our site features links to some of the best Oregon nursing home abuse lawyers who will protect your elderly loved one’s right to a safe nursing home environment and who will work diligently to help you and your family obtain compensation for your pain and suffering. Every nursing home resident in Oregon has the right to be treated with respect and has the right to receive their due medical attention at their nursing residence. When those rights are denied, an experienced Oregon elderly abuse attorney can be called in to right the wrongs.

Contact one of our attorneys today to put an end to the abuse for good.