Our Indiana Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Can Help End Elderly Neglect and Mistreatment

Each day, hundreds of Indiana elderly nursing home residents are subjected to negligent or abusive treatment by staff members or other residents, but sadly, the majority of these incidents go unreported.  Victims are often subjected to verbal, physical and even sexual abuse or are neglected in terms of aid and medical care.  What’s even worse is the fact that many of these residents are unable to defend themselves against an attack or voice their suffering. However, it’s important to know that the loved ones of these victims have a right to seek help.

If you suspect or have witnessed an elderly loved one suffer from neglect or abuse at a nursing facility in Indiana, turn to one of our featured Indiana nursing home abuse lawyers to protect your rights and obtain justice for the mistreatment.


Indiana ranks 37th in the nation in terms of the quality of nursing home care. Research shows that the majority of nursing home facilities in Indiana have had some form of complaint filed against them.

On average:

  • 25% of Indiana nursing homes have no complaints filed against them
  • 19% of Indiana nursing homes have 1-3 complaints filed against them
  • 55% of Indiana nursing homes have 4 or more complaints filed against them

These staggering figures only represent incidents that are reported, so we can only imagine what those numbers would look like if all abuse and neglect was documented.


Seeking Legal Help

The elderly have a right to care and medical treatment that extends and prolongs their life and the quality of it, and when that right is violated, an elderly abuse attorney can step in to protect them. Contact one of our Indiana nursing home abuse lawyers today for help if any of the following signs of abuse and neglect have been witnessed or suspected:

  • Verbal abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Malnutrition
  • Medication/Prescription errors
  • Failure to provide medical attention
  • Unexplained injuries or illnesses
  • Wrongful death

You can stop the abuse your elderly family member is suffering right now. Turn to our nursing home abuse attorneys in Indiana today and let an experienced attorney protect your loved ones’ rights.