Looking to Pursue a Nursing Home Abuse Case in Miami Dade?

Do you have a mother, grandmother, or other relative currently living a nursing home and believe they are not receiving the proper care that supports their wellness? Have you noticed any markings or signs that lead you to believe a nurse or other health care professional isn’t giving your loved one the adequate care they […]

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Most Commonly Caught Illnesses in Nursing Homes

Nursing homes aren’t the ideal living situation for our elderly loved ones, but unfortunately many people aren’t able to provide the necessary care for their family members which leads them into being placed in these facilities. While nursing home abuse is a common issue that occurs within many of the facilities located all across the […]

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Caregiver Agencies Don’t Thoroughly Vet Employees

Panama City, FL- When an older adult is unable to care for themselves but want to stay in their homes, hiring a caregiver seems like a great alternative. But a prior study has shown that caregiver agencies don’t thoroughly vet their employees, so clients get inferior care and are sometimes harmed.

Results of the study

A […]

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Former Nursing Home Employees Claim Supervisors Attempted to Mislead State Inspectors on Abuse Complaints

(Chicago, IL) – January 6th, 2017: Two former social workers of a 309 bed nursing home, Bria of River Oaks, formerly known as Burnham Healthcare, have filed a lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court alleging that they were sacked after refusing to falsify medical records.


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Chicago Facility Denies Nursing Home Abuse Allegations

Nursing home abuse can occur in several forms. Patients mistreat other patients. Staff members sometimes neglect or abuse patients they are expected to be “caring for,” and the facility itself may neglect to provide adequate care for the patients it is housing. The fact is, nursing home abuse occurs far too often, and many times, […]

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Nursing Home Patient Left in Her Own Human Waste

Many nursing homes across the U.S. are understaffed and over-crowded with patients. Indeed, it is a difficult task to care for the elderly when they can no longer provide the proper care for themselves, but the result of this lack of staff has proven to result in patient neglect. Patient neglect can be classified as […]

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Nursing Home Abuse Protections in Texas

Houston, TX- Elderly Americans are vulnerable to abuse and neglect, especially if the rely on others for care or suffer from a cognitive disorder. Protecting our elders should be a top priority in each state, but recent analysis shows that some states aren’t providing seniors or their families the resources necessary to prevent elder abuse […]

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Understaffing and Horrible Conditions in Largest Chain of Nursing Homes

Albuquerque, NM- Understaffing is a chronic problem in nursing homes across the U.S. It is also a major problem from one the nation’s largest nursing home chains, Preferred Care Partners Management Group, which is currently the subject of the fraud lawsuit filed by the New Mexico Attorney General’s office.

The NM Attorney General’s case

NPR reports that […]

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Birmingham, AL Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing home neglect lawyer discusses facts about abuse and neglect in Alabama’s long-term care facility

Birmingham, AL-Too many seniors in Alabama are neglected in their homes or long-term care facilities across the state. That neglect can take many forms and negatively impacts the emotional and physical well-being of a senior. In this article, our team of […]

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Birmingham, AL Nursing Home Abuse

USAttorneys discusses disturbing facts about nursing home abuse in Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, AL- For so many of Birmingham’s seniors, a nursing home or other long-term care facility is their only choice. If a senior is lucky the facility they live in will provide them with superior care and protect them from neglect and abuse, but that […]

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